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Hi girls,
Weve just found out work is closing mine and ohs departments so looks like were both out of a job, redundancy date is march 3rd. I have no idea what we are going to do :cry:
Sorry just had to share


  • oh no!! thats terrible! what do you do for a living hun? xx
  • how awful image i dont have any advice but just wanted to say i hope everything works out x
  • Oh hun that's rotten (((hug))), I hope something new and much better turns up soon.

  • Oh hunni! I really hope you both find something soon and everything works out for the best in the end. Sorry this has happened, not what anyone needs! xxx
  • OMG, thats terrible for you to both lose your jobs. Hope you can work something out. Good luck honey.

  • Thanks for the support girls, wel figure something out im sure, at least weve got until march i suppose it wouldnt be so bad but theres hardly any jobs out there at he moment, i just dont know what were gonna do
  • Ah bless ya hearts, my OH got made redundant back in October, he is a mechanic and since then he has only been able to get temping work with an agency, so money has been really tight.

    How long have you and OH been with the company hon??
  • Hes been there 10 years and ive been there 5
  • Sending you hugs babe-not a lot of use but have no productive advice-sorry. Take care xx
  • I feel for you hun, me and oh both work for the same company...a bank thats been in trouble none the less! so we've been frightened in case it happens to us. You must feel at a loss, i hope you get a good payout and manage to find something soon xx
  • Oh hun that's awful! 1 job is bad enough let alone 2!!
    Fingers crossed something will come up for you both xxx
  • Thanks everyone for your support it means a lot
  • Hey Gill are you definitely both being made redundant?? That sucks if you are! xx
  • I'm really sorry, it must be a real worry for you. I hope you manage to find something new soon.

  • So sorry to hear that. I hope it's not too long before you both find something x
  • Hi Gill,I used to work in a local hotel but decided not to return once my mat leave ended due to the hours and weekends they wanted me to work!
    Just recently found out about 6 staff have been made redundant,i know alot of them are very upset.Cant help thinking i made the right choice not to go back,as i now work part time,which suits better and who is to say my job would of been safe?!
    All i can say is maybe go to CAB and/or find out all what your entitled too.
    Good luck x
  • OH just rang he is putting in a transfer to a different department so fingers crossed he will get it , its a long shot though as everyone else has the same idea!
    I was wondering though, my mat leave doesnt end until May now if i get made redundant in March what happens with my mat money?


    Oh and Sam the department is closing and they are making 26 redundancys which is more than the department so we are assuming its definate

  • Hi hun,
    Sorry to hear that. My OH was made redundant a couple of weeks ago, but it must be hard with both of you going. I'm not sure that they can make you redundant whilst on maternity leave - I think they have to wait until you are due back. Unless you take voluntary redundancy. It might be worth checking out. Also legally they have to pay you for your notice period plus holiday (which you should still accrue whilst on maternity leave). They also have to pay 1 weeks redundancy pay for ever year of service which is tax free.

    Hope your OH gets tranfered - again legally the company have to be able to prove there are no alternative jobs within the company before dismissing anyone - otherwise you could sue for unfair dismissal.

    All the best Steph
  • Thanks Katie, i hope it does continue, better than nothing.
    Just worked out online what oh and me are entitled to and because we both started under 21 i get 2 weeks and oh gets 6 dont mean to sound ungrateful but its a bit crap!
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