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Just checking the books arrived safely?? and you are not having to read the New Pony anymore :lol:

Hope they are enjoying them and you are enjoying having a change too!!!!! image


  • Did you not get my email? Arghhhh stupid computer!
    Yes, thank you, they arrived safe and sound and I haven't had to read The New Pony once since they got here. Mostly I have had to read Messy Baby over and over and over again as Millie thinks it's hilarious and keeps picking it for Barney's bedtime story :roll: I am saving the sticker books for when we go away but they are fantastic, she is going to go crazy for them.
    Thanks again hun
  • no worries at all glad they are hitting the spot! The sticker books are lush and at that price I have put a set away fro Max when he is older (how sad!!!!)
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