Baby Massage

I'm starting a baby massage course tomorrow and i'm really looking forward to it, because i like in the country theres not really any baby groups near me. This will be our first time meeting other mums & babies other than my friends lo xxxx


  • I loved baby massage and so did Charlotte. It was great to learn how to help them with colic & constipation etc. I can't do any on her now she's 1 cos she'll just roll over and crawl off at high speed xx
  • Hope you enjoy it. We started baby massage last week and it was really good
  • i go to bm with hayden and if we are beside a girl i don't get a look in the whole time, he just lies there facing the girl, smiling and cooing!! Think i have a little casanova on my hands.
  • We loved our baby massage group, it was the first 1 that we had done as well. We have all kept in touch and most of us meet up on Mondays for playgroup as well now. Dont think Zacky lasted an entire session until the last 1, LOL, as he got that relaxed and fell asleep. 1 week he only managed to get 1 and a half legs done before dropping off til the end of the session.

    Got to admit I dont always use it now but if I touch Zackys leg in a certain way he relaxes and wants a massage.

    Beware 1 thing though..... (especially with the boys) once 1 LO wees its catching. LOL. I used to have to change my clothes after every session as LO would wee on me at least twice.
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