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arrrgghhhh! - MEN

well.... i've had a really busy day, evie was up at 6.30 (i know i get off lightly compared to some of you, ie the 5am club) but thats really early for her, left for work at 9am, worked til 2. did a food shop, came home and entertained evie and fed her and did the whole bedtime saga and tea, then when i put her to bed i cabbaged on the sofa and had a little snooze. OH looked after evie this morning while i worked, and then mostly sat about for the afternoon.

The house was a bomb site, toys at all ends of the sitting room, tonnes of washing everywhere, piles of paper etc just strewn all over the sitting room...clothes in the bathroom and a loo and sink that needed cleaning, dishes to be done, ironing to be done.. but i needed to sit and relax for half an hour before tackling the mess.

so, with all that mess, and my mum coming over tomorrow to look after evie.......guess what my very ever so helpful OH decides to do to be helpful? CLEAN THE FRIGGING OVEN DOOR

not only that... it took him ONE WHOLE HOUR - yes, just to scrub the door of it.

To be fair, it was pretty minging, i've never cleaned it (shame on me) and i don't think the previous owner did for a long time. but we're moving in a week and will still have the keys to this place for two weeks once we've moved out - purposely to do the jobs such as that!

so now, he's looing ever so pleased with himself, relaxing on the setee, while i've just ran about like a headless chicken, clenaing and tidying everything else.



  • ............................................and breathe!!

    Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, put your feet up and relax for the evening and don't move until you go to bed!!


  • Oh hunni,

    Sorry I had to laugh at the fact it took him an hour to do that?? I am very lucky, if hubby thinks its untidy he blitzes the house until its sparkling and does not stop until it is!

    Sorry I am not helping grrrrrrr men!!!! lol!! Hope he gets better - give him a swift kick up the arse, if you can get to it haha!
  • lol. I bet he thought he was being ever so helpful? Isn't it strange how men have such a completely different view of the world sometimes.

    Hope you have an easier day tomorrow!
  • :lol::lol::lol:

    That's just like my OH. We were tidying up like mad 'cause his mum and dad were coming to stay. He cleaned the bathroom and in that time I cleaned the whole of the rest of the house. When I checked the bathroom all he'd done was put some bleach down the loo and empty the bin. That took him an hour too!image
  • I'll lend you mine......
    instead of spending time with Ollie when he gets home he automatically goes to wash up the whole three items that i hadn't put into the dishwasher yet... i have to tell him to leave it and go and see Ollie.... :lol:

    men are useless, and they either take ages to do something or they do it really really badly so you wont ask them to do it again..... except mine who will clean the whole house if he thinks it needs it when he's only got an hour to spend with ollie...... :lol: :roll:

    as much as i whinge about him he's good. we have a rota of things we both do, although he's taken most of it on at the moment.

  • It's all about instruction ladies image Men need to be told what to clean, how to clean and with which product image Btw its quite hilarious that out of all the things your OH thought the oven door is the one that needs to be done first lol x :lol:
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