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OMG it's a BFP for me after 6 months!

Hi Ladies,

Some of you may know me from TTC if you were there a few months ago. After getting several faint lines that could potentially turn into something I finally got a strong BFP this morning!

I already have one son who is nearly 17 months and we've been TTC our 2nd for 6 months now so it's good to finally be here. I still can't quite believe it and don't feel too different yet - sore boobs and feeling nauseous at times but not too much. I didn't get MS with my first though so fingers crossed for this time round! I am so pleased to be here! As far as I can work out my EDD will be 3rd Oct and that will make me 5 weeks PG now.

I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone on here and spending a happy few months with you all!

Amy. x


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