Whats your favorite?

I just ate 4 Orange in a row, followed by a coffee. , YUK I have 4 left but am too scared to ty them now.



  • Def orange!! I hate the new strawberry ones though!
  • Oh says please could you all send your coffee revels to him as they are his favourites!!
  • I like them all but not tried strwberry. I reckon you could probably sell them on eBay haha as I remember a couple of years ago that people were selling their leftover unliked toffees from the Christmas Qstreet tins!!!!
  • I like them all, even the coffee. I liked the raisin ones best but I think they've replaced them? mmm choc raisins!
  • behead i'll fight your oh for the coffee ones - i love them too! was gutted when they replaced it as revels are the only sweets that still do coffee flavour (to my knowledge - if he can tell me otherwise i would be grateful!)
  • i lurve the coffee ones mmmm cant believe they have replaced the coffee ones now gutted! Im sure ill enjoy the strawberry ones just as much tho lol xx
  • I love the coffee ones-considered writing in ans asking if I could have all the ones they are not using!! lol! xx
  • Orange i also like the new strawberry
  • Didn't realise the new one was strawberry - got a pack a while back when they had the new flavour and hubby and i spent ages debating what it was and settled on vanilla lol x
  • i dont like any!!!!
  • i love toffe, mmmmmm
    cant stand raisin or coffee though and i spend AGES trying to work out the flavour by the shape,lol
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