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Dopplers - where did you get yours?

Hi ladies,
Ive just posted a very long story and after a scare last night Ive decided to buy a doppler to stop me turining into a worrying mess.
Where did you all get yours from and are they any good?
Ive read a few posts about people buying them from ebay?
Im nearly 20weeks, so I guess its ok to use it?
My oh was worried if i bought one and then couldnt get the heartbeat one day id panic, does this really ahppen?
Thanks, hope you all are well


  • hi hunn ive got one and they are brill make sure you get the angelsounds one not the summer one as the summer one is crap. i think at 20 weeks you should find th hb pretty much all ive been getting kicks from 16 weeks so dont really use mine much now unless bubs is having a quiet day. ebay and amazon both do them for about ??25 with gel.
    claire xx
  • Oh thats good value, i think I might order one right now! I'll def get the angel sounds.
    Thank you xx
  • I have an angel sounds doppler too and got it from Amazon. I've found the heartbeat without fail (sometimes it takes a few minutes) since 13+5.

    Bec 25+4 x
  • Ive just ordered the angelsounds from amazon! I cant wait to get it!!x
  • I have ordered my angel sounds doppler from ebay for ??25 - should be here today or tomorrow!


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