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I've got Alopecia!

Hey all,

Don't know if you remember my post a little while ago about the bald patches I was getting, but they have got a bit bigger!

Anyway I finally went to docs today and really thought all the hair loss was just down to losing the excess hair after pregnancy but she diagnosed me with Alopicia Areata.
I'm gutted as I love my hair lol, it's always been long and thick.

She did say that it can grow back by itself but there is no cure, some people even lose all their hair! That thought really scares me!

Has anybody else had this and got their hair back???



  • Hi i too had this a yr ago, horrid isnt it! since having max its started to fall out again i'm praying the huge bald patch dont come back! Took bout 8months for mine to grow back, They also offered an injection into my scalp to stimulate hair growth, but i passed on that one! xx
  • Ah good, at least it grew back!! Yeah Ive been told about steroid injections but theres no guarantee they will work and I hate needles!!! Hopefully you don't get it back hun, it's awful. I tied my hair up yesterday and when I looked in the mirror I could see the patch where the hair had moved so getting very paranoid now!xxx
  • Ive replied to this post once lol did you get it??

    I have had this a yr ago xx
  • I'm wondering if I may have this or just simply down to the hormones after giving birth. My doctor didn't seem to concerned when i last saw her but said if it continued to come back. I may do that now as it seems to have got worse. My mum's friend had alopicia areata and it took about a year for her hair to grow back

    Can I just ask where abouts on your head that your losing it, is it just random places or more at the front or back??
  • Pixie80, I told the doc about it when I went for something else a few weeks ago and she said the same as yours, but it has got a lot worse. You should go just to get it looked at hun.

    I have one big patch on the top to the right of my parting, it's at the back, then a few more on the back of my
  • Thanks i think i'll try get an appointment soon xx
  • Awww hun, no advice really but that sucks. I have seen pic of you on old avatar and you are gorgeous, hair or not....hopefully it will not affect you too badly xxxx
  • Aw thanks Tiger Lily. It's just a scary thought! Have been looking up wigs lol, and theres some really nice ones made from real hair but they cost nearly 6 grand for the best (styled by Nicky Clarke once they are made) but hopefully it won't come to that!xxx
  • Oh hunni, I really hope it grows back soon for you! We take our hair for granted, just couldn't imagine not having it there. I worked with patients with cancer and one of them had a gorgeous wig, I thought it was real and she laughed at me. She must have got it locally as she was in Southampton. Like you say, hopefully it won't come to that though. xxx
  • Thanks for your messages girls, really makes me feel better about it!

    We definately take it for granted, I always used to get annoyed with my hair in the wind when it blew everywhere and stuck to my lipstick lol, or when it wouldn't go right. I would say to my oh, 'I just want to shave it all off, it's so annoying'!! How I regret saying that now!!

    You have a point there Rebecca, at least It's not cancer, for cancer sufferers the hair loss part must be the least of their worries.xxxxx
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