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FAO first london meet up girls

Hello all,I am so sorry I have not been here so long and therefor had not emailed you with pictures.I went to do it today,and the only email I can read 100% is the one of Poz,so I sent the pics to her and asked her to post them on babyexpert if poss or to you seperatly if preffered.Natalie,such lovely news of your pregnancy!!!!!
Lillianthanks for asking about Pepis birthday,it was fantastic ans she loves her wheelybug!!!I sent some pics of her to Poz maybe if it is not to difficult could you put them on babyexpert pls as I am so hopeless???Gemma,I was shocked to read your post yesterday,that you are worried about your lol development,after coming home I was going on and on at Peter how bright your boy is and how we have to move to pub as when Pepi will be constantly around people she might be as bright as well!!!Well,it shows us ,doesnt it?lol see you all soon Martina


  • Thanks for letting us know hun! Be great to see you at the next one too! image:lol: can't wait to see the pictures but I don't think Charlie is in any as he kept going for naps - :lol: the excitment must have been to much! x
  • I am sorry,Natalie,he is not,nor is Lillians girl,which is weird as Pepi spent so much time chasing crayons with her!!!I only took about 5 quick pics of Pepi and kids surrounding her as nobody commented on it I thought maybe people whwre not comfortable with it as we dont really know each other so I stopped it was only as we were leaving everyone started to swap emails to get pics!!!We must take more next time plus happy mums and bumps as well.Cant wait to meet again.
  • I've got the pics- thanks Sooky. I'll put the ones from Pepi's b'day up tomorrow. Looks as though she had a great time- I hope you were able to enjoy it as well after all the stress of organising the day!

    Gemma- Callum and your friend's little boy are both in the pics, is it ok to put them up here? WIth all the disucssions recently I don't want to put any pics of los up without the mummies permission! If not, I will try to email them.

    Sooky-- I think we were just too busy chatting to think about taking photos! We'll definitely have to take a few more next time

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  • yeah totally agree wit u guys cant wait for the next meet up. really lookin forward to it n bringing mecedez this time. she's feelin much beta now
  • Here are the pics from Pepi's b'day (hopefully!). Sorry it's taken me a while to put them up.



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