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What's your favourite....

kids TV programme?

Mil is a childminder so lots of kids telly on in this house lol!!!

I must admit I love Fireman Sam and could watch it for ages with Gabe of course lol. It's one of the only ones that hasn't changed too much since I was little!

Also Peppa Pig is so cute.

I'm not a huge fan of ITNG **awaits hate vibes** and Gabes never been into it! xxx


  • I love Peppa Pig! I watch it even if Riley is napping. He's not interested in the tv, only eggheads! I also like Go Diego Go, lol. Agree with ILoveMyGeek, Pingu is great! Havent seen it for ages though. My little brother loves ITNG, I think they spent all their budget on drugs! xxx
  • Oscar is only 19 weeks so doesn't really 'watch' tv, but if ITNG is on he will scream and scream until i turn it off - im not suprised it is pretty creepy :lol:

    The only thing he will sit and watch really is Lazytown, which i don't mind as i have a bit of a thing for Sportacus (is that weird?!). Oh and the Simpsons whilst i'm making dinner too.

    I'll try and get him interested in Dora and Diego when he's a bit older as hubby is Spanish and we're bringing him up bi-lingually, but so far he's totally unimpressed x
  • Kelsie loves ITNG, Thomas the Tank Engine :lol:, Pingu, Fimbles. Her favourite is definatly ITNG. We love it too image

  • Postman Pat! I loved it as a child and Louise loves it now too!
  • I love Come Outside with Aunty Mable and Pippin!! xox
  • Nathan will only watch ITNG. I wish he would like something else, just for a bit of variety!
    DD watches all sorts of American stuff, I must admit I like Hannah Montana and iCarly!
  • Ooooooh, We love auntie Mabel and Pippin!!!!! We are big come outside fans, and Nym loves Big Barn Farm, she claps and dances everytime the theme song comes on. I think she has a bit of a soft spot for Gobo, he eats everything just like her.

  • I used to love postman pat, then hubby sent me a really rude video where someone had dubbed over all the characters and now whenever it's on i can't watch it without giggling like a child, he spoilt it for me! x
  • We dont watch a whole lot of kids tv Connors just as interested in ours, I put on CBeebies fr an hour or so in the day for him.
    When hes older im definately gonna get him into Thundercats! OH and I loved it as kids
  • we`like`chuggington`in`our`house.well`tylers`daddy`does`lol.also`teletubbies`and`pats`special`delivery`service.
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