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can anyone help?


im not sure if i have posted this in the right place.

i need a bit of advice. im at my wits end. my son is 14 weeks old. he has had diarrhea and sickness since he was 2 weeks old. he currently has bronchiolitis aswell. he is under hospital care but they keep giving him a medicine that doesnt do anything. he has been on that for about 2 months. they keep putting off doing tests. does anyone know what might be wrong with him? someone has suggested he may have cystic fybrosis. please help!

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  • GGGrrrrrr my reply was wiped!!!!
    I suggest you discuss medication /tests with your GP or HV so you know why they are doing what they are.
    What medication is it?
    Is he breast/ bottle and is he OK otherwise? (My son is the same age and has runny poo but is happy and sleeps ok).
    Lastly they may have tested for cf with the heal prick -look in your red book. It is rare though so unless you have more symptoms of it I would think it was unlikely.
    You may be better posting on the baby forum as you'd get more replies there.
    Good Luck x
  • hi thanks for your response, he is bottle fed. last week we took him to our gp and he told us to go straight to the hospital as there is a chance he could have cf and he wanted him to have tests done. when we got him there the duty dr said 'no your baby does not have cf he doesnt look like a cf baby' but still didnt do any tests. just sent us home. so already the doctors are conflicting. besides the diarrhea and bronchiolitis he is a very very wingy baby. almost constantly he cries. when i had his 1st appointment at the hospital he screamed from the time i got there till the time i left and even the dr asked 'are you sure you will be alright with him' and asked a nurse to take him off me so we could chat and she wondered off with him. everyone i speak to say its unusual the amount he cries. i feel at a lose end. i know there is something wrong with him but no one will listen. i guess im going to have to insist the tests now. although if my gp recommends the tests and they still dont do them what chance do i have of convincing them?
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