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Anyone work night shifts?

I work shifts and I am on nights tonight - I really am not sure how I am going to be able to keep awake!! I have been in bed at 20:00 everynight this week!!

Anyone else?


  • Hiya,
    I have continued working nights throughout my pregnancy without any problems but it is totally an individual thing. If you feel that you cant manage them then speak to your manager, they should be sympathetic to your pregnancy.

    Have a good night!


  • I worked nights during my first two pregnancies - it was tiring but I slept really well during the day!
    I no longer have to work nights but am really struggling with mornings - guess it would be nice to hibernate for a while.
    Good luck - hope you cope OK
  • I worked 12 hour night shifts until I was 20 weeks and then the Midwife advised me not to anymore as you should try and get your body into a regular sleep pattern rather than sleeping in the day sometimes and night others. My employers were very understanding by that point and I was finding it a struggle to stay awake! It didnt help that my morning sickness was at night time!
    Hope that helps a bit
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