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hi ladies

just recieved my voucher for my son and don't know where to start with putting it into building society. where have u put yours and why did you choose that building society? are they all the same or do you get offers if you put it in a certain place?



  • we put fin's in skipton building society as it had the best interest rate at the time. his is just a savings account purely because i found all the shares options confusin and i just wanted to know what we would get in return when hes 18. im thinkin it should be 21 though. i know what i would have done with a lump sum at 18 and it wouldnt have been anythin it still
  • when we get our money im going for the saving account option.
  • We put Zackys into the nationwide savings account as didnt trust what was happing with shares at the time (and at the moment). At least he is guarenteed to get out what has been put into the account and a little more in interest. Chose Nationwide as there is one in the local town that I can get to easily.
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