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is this date ok? - BIG MEET



hoping that it will be lovely and sunny by then!! what are your thoughts?


  • I dont think i have anything planned! Sorry if i have missed it somewhere else but has birmingham been agreed on?
  • birmingham won the vote to be honest so i think we can say that's where it will be, though it's not set in stone yet, have a horrid feeling i'm going to upset some people if i make it at birmingham so we shall see!
  • date sounds good to
  • Sounds good to me so far image

    Dont worry hunni you cant please everyone - you are doing a fab job xx
  • oh, i would love to come and have just found out that bmi baby do a flight from Aberdeen to Birmingham for like ??30 return!!!! So it may be a possibility now!!!! Does anyone know if i would need a passport for Molly? x
  • el_pinko woooo hooo thats great news image hope you can come, no idea about the passport sorry XX
  • 4th July is good 4 me!!
    El-pinko don't think you need passports as you aren't leaving UK.
  • the website terms and conditions are a bit confusing, it says you don't need a passport but may need photographic id, like a drivers licence, even for children and infants. Hmmmm Molly can't drive yet :lol:

    When i know for def the dates and if i can come i'll give bmi a phone. x
  • that date is fine - will pencil it on the calendar!! I agree with SB and as the saying goes 'you can't please all of the people all of the time'.

    You're doing a fab job Linzi.xx
  • Re. Big Meet. I'm looking into travel options from Edinburgh so will get back to you asap.
    El Pinko, I think you need a passport. I was told I'd need one for Rchie to go Edinburgh to Shetland, it's internal UK too so would think you'd need one to Birmingham. S x
  • Yeah you cant please everyone and i think even those that are going will have to make some sacrifice. If it was up to me it would be in wigan lol
  • hi, yeh date great!! i think it birnigham should be set in stone lol coz either way hun not everyone will be pleased. xxx
  • Hey ladies,
    Sounds good to us-will hopefully be slimmer by then too! Looking forward to it. Birmingham here we come! x
  • sounds good to me so far. Good work you are doing Linzi, we all appreciate it.
  • That sounds great to me x x
  • That date is fine with me for the moment, and B'ham is great for me.
  • Linzi - don't worry about pleasing everyone! It just cant be done all the time (if any of the time) image
    You're doing a fantastic job of organising the whole thing in the first place.

    Have been trying to look at train times, but the national rail site wont let me check times/prices for that far in advance... having said that the ticket prices for the furthest in advance i could get (end of may) were somewhat reasonably priced... as was a hotel I found that could do a room for the 4 of us for ??55.... image

    So looking at that I'm gonna say a provisional yep, but I will have to work on the OH (it would be so much easier if he drove us down) as in total its still gonna cost us about two weeks wages (mine not his image - yes i know i don't earn a lot) to come for one night.... which is the only area I think he'll kick off about (that and the fact that he hates doing 'meets' with 'my friends'.... :lol: ).....

    Did I make any sense at all? :\? :lol:

  • lol stephe it did make sense!! it would be really brilliant if you could make it, though i understand completely if you cant!
  • Sounds great, well done you.

    El_Pinko you need photographic ID for internal UK flights, some will require passports, but obv. with babies it might be different because it's not like they're posing a security threat! Check with BMI hun x
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