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Cows milk

Did anyone give their Lo cow's milk early?

I was thinking of trying Gabe on it. Just a taste in his bottle and the rest of his formula as normal until about 11/12 months. Mainly cos I'm worried if I wait too late (12 months) he'll refuse it, my friend has this problem and her 14mo old is still on formula.



  • Nathan is still having his formula to drink but I've been using cows milk in his food (mash etc) and also on his cereal for ages. I thought that they could have it from 6 months as long as formula or breast milk remained there actual drinking milk, not sure where I got this from.
    He's been fine with it though and showed no problems. I was planning on carry on with the formula till 12 months then swapping completely.

    Saw your piccie on the other post - Gabe does have the most beautiful eyes! Nathans hair is blonde too but my mum has a piccie of him in the sun and it looks bright orange! My brother now insists thats he's ginger, lol. I think he must have a tint of ginger in his hair but it doesnt always show.

  • I put cows milk in Charlotte's ready brek and she eats it fine, plus I add it to her food if needed. I must admit I do give her C&G toddler milk to drink as she's fussy drinker/eater just to make sure she's getting her vitamins. And it was on special offer too!
  • Do you mean in food or as a drink?

    As others have said in food is fine from 6 months.

    As a drink - I cannt see the harm in offering it to get him to try the taste as long as, as you said, formula is his main drink until he is 12 months.
  • He's been having cows milk in cereals and food since the day before he was 6 months lol, I got so fed up of mixing formula just for cereal and he eats it better with the cows milk.

    I may well give him a little taste if I have a cup of milk or something, see what he thinks of it cos formula is so expensive, cant afford for him not to like it!

  • We switched Sophie from formula to cows milk at 12 months and she took it without any trouble at all. I didnt use cows milk in cooking at all but she still too it perfectly fine. x
  • Hello,
    techinicallly from12 mths you can give them cows milks as their main milk due to the laack of nutrients this has in compared to formula and breast milk. However, I dont see why there would be anything wrong in getting him to drink a small amount from a beaker for tasting. (if you get me). My hubby suggested it and I might consider this at 10mths as she is currently only used to getting milk from me. Shes only ever taken milk form bottle at a couple of months old.

    However, since my friend has gone back to work, she has been giving her daughter cows milk to drink. She couldnt express enough off and her daughter didnt like formula so this was her only option. She know that this isnt expressed by the hv as a wise move, however, her daughter is hapoy and so is she. Its saves her ahving to try force her to have formula or her daughter turning and disliking milk etc.

    All babies are different some take easily to cows milk some dont. I guess another way of getting him used to the taste, is giving him spoonfuls of milk from his breakfast...although this does dpend what are giving him.

    I personally cant see a problem with give him a taster, so long as his formula is still his main drink and this isnt being subsidised (?sp) xxx
  • Just to add - if they don't like cow's milk then after 12 months they don't HAVE to have any milk to drink if you see what I mean!?

    Since 10.5 months my lo has not had any milk to drink (weaned himself off the boob, didn't want formula and didn't want cow's milk) he will only drink water. He is fine just add dairy to his diet via yoghurts, cheese etc etc. Plus he is a cheapy baby drinking tap water image
  • I know they don't have to have milk but I'd rather give him formula after 12 months then nothing yk?? Also he only drinks about 5-7oz of water a day xx
  • I wouldn't even think Max has as much water as that! He doesn't even drink a full tommee tippee cup of water everyday :lol:

    Hey ho! No idea about the introducing cows milk early!
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