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just wanted to share ...

hi ladies and babies i just wanted to share this picture of my beautiful baby girl with u all ....2 hours after she was born ..(hope its worked )


lisa,jack and sophia grace xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Bless! what a lovely picture with her staring at you like that.

  • aww shes beautiful! and has so much hair!! image xxx
  • Oh shes gorgeous image Congratulation ! Newborns always looks so smart to me like they understand everything and they know who their mummy is right away image
  • she's an absolute darling, but i've told u that 100 times already!!!! btw, the kids loved the other piccies!!!! so much so moo demanded that lo come out now cause she wants her here for a cuddle!!! lol!!! hope ur all well hunni xxxxx
  • aww thanks everyone....i think she is looking at me as if to say "u could of done ure hair for our big meet " :lol::lol:

    thanks rach...bless moo not long now and little baby will be disrupting ure sleep too image ......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Oh - gorgeous! Love the hair do! xox
  • Shes gorgeous honey!

  • thanks garfield ...ure right katie ,there is no other feeling like when u see the little human being that u created and they look at u with the look of love eh xxxxxxxxxx
  • Beautiful pic hun! Your right - the best moment is when you meet you little one for the first time! i cant imagine anything ever living up to that moment.
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