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do you have a...

morning routine as well as a bedtime routine??

I do, and i find my days go sooo much more smoothly if i keep it in place. Basically, evie wakes up anywhere between 6.30 and 9am - always has a bottle straight away (her only bottle of the day) and her nappy done. I then play with her in her pj's for about 45mins and then we have breakfast. We then go through to the bathroom where she has a little pink stool she stands on at the sink, she brushes her teeth, washes her hands and face and then we go to her room and pick out some clothes, get dressed and i brush her hair!

does anybody have anything similar? I'd really reccomend a morning routine as it always makes me feel more awake and in control of the day if i do this with evie!


  • I do as well. Gabe wakes usually around 8am. I give him a cuddle, change his nappy, then we go into the living room and he has a bottle and we snuggle for a bit. After that he goes into his rocker chair and plays with toys while I eat my breakfast, then he has his! I then get him dressed and he plays on the floor for a while, then back to bed around 10-10.30am. xxxx
  • We don't have a routine apart from Kelsie will have her juice as she first wakes up (5.30am to 7am) gets dressed with her 1st nappy change of the day, in bed with cuddles with Mummy and Daddy. She then has breakfast at 8 and when she's downstairs she does what she likes!

    Suppose that is a routine really isn't it :lol:

  • Not really at the moment, I feel bad now.

    I am starting one soon as I go back to work in 4 weeks, so I need to be a bit more organised in the mornings.
  • We have a loose routine. Generally wakes 7-7.30 (although this morn was 5 !!), bottle in living room. Cuddle. THen nappy change and a bit of a massage. Then he'll go on his playmat or in cot while I make the bed and get showered dressed. Then he has a nap and after that we get ready to go out.
    No idea how I'll cope when I've to get ready and be out of the house for work by 7am !! S x
  • mcrvamp don't feel bad! i didnt get into a proper morning routine with evie until she was about a year old, before that it was just all a bit hit and miss and things got done when there was time!
  • We have a rough one, but it changes every so often when he changes, or decides to get up especially early/late and throws the whole day out!

    Usually, he wakes about 7/7.30, daddy changes his nappy then i sit in bed and bf him, whilst daddy gets ready for work then he takes lo to the living room and they play whilst i get washed and dressed, then it's usually nap time, then i get him washed and dressed, then hopefully it's out for the day! x
  • I suppose we kind of do have a routine just never really thought about it, Charlie wakes anytime from 5.30 - 6.30, change nappy and go downstairs, he goes into his bouncy chair and whilst I make his bottle,he has his bottle and cuddles, after this he quite happily watches lazy town whilst i have a cuppa. Then we go upstairs to get dressed, come down for a play and he has a little nap! (if we are going out early then i'll dress him with his first nappy change).xx
  • Charlotte's up at about 8am. Change her nappy then she has some milk out of a cup. Whilst she eats her toast I have my brekkie then feed her some Ready Brek. Have a bit of a play then wash & dress her at about 9.30. Then she'll play until about 11am ish and then have her nap.
  • we have one-

    hubby gets up with jayden at 6 he changes nappy and has a play, then i get up at 6.30 while hubby gets ready for work, i have a play and cuddle, then we both have cereal and toast for brekkie about 7 then both get dressed and washed, then just play etc untill his first nap around 9..
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