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Can you tell me when you usually have scans when pregnant? First pregnancy and only found out this morning!



  • Hello,
    congratulations on your pregnancy,i live in leeds and here we have one at 12 weeks which is a dating scan then one at 20 weeks
    hope tis helps
    emma 29+4 xxxxxxxxx

    Unless you live in Scotland you have a scan at 12 weeks which will be your dating scan. Then another scan at 20 weeks to check on baby. Scotland don't offer the 20 week scan on the NHS unles they are concerned about something.

    When your midwife does your booking she will be able to tell you.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • Congratulations, just so you dont get confused you will see a number of posts of ladies that have had early scans- these are not the standard ones and generally are paid for private not NHS so the usual is 12 and 20 weeks. I though i was missing something or my area was rubbish when i seen all the posts about early 7 week scans!! LOL H and H 9 months x
  • Thanks

    I thought they were 12 and 20 weeks but some other posts confused me!!

  • Congrats, loulou!
    Pumpkin Patch, just to say that it depends where you are in Scotland re the 20 week scan. Edinburgh have only just reintroduced the 20 week scan in the last couple of months. I had a scan at 12 weeks and have a date through for the 20 week one.
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