spent last night in hospital ...

hey ladies
i had a pretty rough night last night. i woke up at about half 2 with really bad braxton hicks and backache and couldn't get back to sleep, and so phoned the labour ward at around quarter to 4 and they asked me to come in for monitoring seeing as i'm so early (30+6) and because i'd had a bit of a show last saturday.
anyway i went in at about half 4 and went straight into a delivery room (which i was a bit worried about). they put me on the foetal heart monitor and monitored me and the baby and it showed i was having mild-strong contractions between 5 and 7 minutes apart and were happy with baby's heartbeat/movements etc.
they then did an internal (i'd never had one before and didn't know what to expect - i had no idea just how undignified it was!) to check if i was dilating and took some swabs and also got me to give them a urine sample. they did a special test on one of the swabs to see if labour was likely in the next 2 weeks and it came back negative (phew) and then another doc came in and told me i had a water infection and probably had thrush too. so they've given me antibiotics and i've got an appointment with the antenatal clinic next week to check me over, and they finally let me leave at 10 after more foetal heart monitoring.
so now i'm absolutely exhausted, i got about an hour and a half sleep last night and have had about 2 hours sleep since i came home.
but the good thing is i got to meet loads of staff from the labour ward (all of whom were lovely!) and i got to hear lots of women in labour and then the crying of their brand new babies! it was so surreal! and it's made me a lot calmer about the birth cos i've seen what the room will more or less look like and met the staff.
sorry for the long post .. just wanted to get that off my chest.
hope everyone's babies are cooking nicely!


  • That happened to me a few weeks ago, I was up til 8am listening to the ladies giving birth... it was quite the preparation... I found it strange how it went quite during the day! I hpe you feel better and your baby calms down? They gave me steroid injections to mature babies lungs, two injections in the bum... ouch. ouch ouch.
  • Gosh that must have been so worrying at the time. But glad you're feeling quite positive about it all now - like you said it gave you the chance to see what things will be like in a few weeks time! How exciting! Glad everything is ok. Wishing you all the best for the next few weeks!

    Amy. x
  • so glad everything is ok now hun and you had a positive experience in a way with seeing the ward etc, when i went to see my friend after she had her baby we heard a women in labour and then the baby crying it was amazing, good luck with your last few months if baby stays in there that long LOL!! xx
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