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weaning - i think i have made a boo boo - help!

Hi all

I have started weaning my little one and am now into the 3rd week, i started off on baby rice for a week and then introduced fruit puree, she enjoys apple, pear and banana
My problem is now i have tried on pureed veg she will not have it and spits it out, she will only eat the fruit.
If i had known i would have started the veg first.

Does anyone know how i can get her to eat veg and other foods other than fruit? Should i stop the fruit altogether until she gets used to the veg?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



  • hi hun ...i had the same problem with my ds when i was weaning him ...the advice i was given was introduce it slowly so ...e.g tomorrow do pear and apple with a little bit of carrot and then slowly build up the veg and lessen the fruit ..hopefully ure lo will get used to the taste of the veg and not notice the fruity taste going cos ure doing it slowly over a period of time....hope this helps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Adding the veg to the fruit will work. I know it sounds a little strange to us but babies love it. Don't be afraid to experiment and remember you can mix veg with the baby rice too.
  • sweet potato ia a good veg have u tried that? if wont take it on its own it works well with apple in x x
  • was going to say sweet potato. Are you giving her home-made or jar. I found my lo didnt like jar veg.
    Homemade sweet pot, leeks and carrots is ncie and lo lvoed it.
  • hi thanks for all the replies
    I have been using homemade veg, i have made up and froze carrots, potato, sweet potato and swede.
    Each day i just take a cube of either one or two and add them together,

    I will try the veg mixed in with the fruit today, fingers crossed!
  • Sweet potato & apple is a good mix of fruit & veg.
  • hi
    well i tried macey with sweet potato and apple, she wasnt too fussed but she ate it which is a start!

    Can you mix banana with veg?
  • hi hun i dont see why not ,banana and avacado is supposed to be nice...not tried it myself mind :lol: ...i would try anything if it means u get her to eat veg ...my ds would eat anything when he was a baby now he is a nightmare ,he will not touch veg and is way past the age of "tricking" him by mixing them :lol: xxxxxxxxx
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