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my big night out...

well me and hubby had a night away together in York on friday night. i had 4 glasses of wine and i was legless :lol:

at the end of the night for some reason i insisted on us going to a really nice indian restaurant (posh place) where to my shame i threw up at the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

never going out again



  • oh dear ........................................ but makes funny reading for me :lol: ! Classy lass!!! :lol:
  • That's lovely!!! At least you don't have to go there again!!
  • oh i know the shame, hubby still loves me tho!!!!

  • i was told the next day that it was a nice place too, but dont think i will be going back lol

  • Sorry but I had to laugh! **sorry* I know the feeling of the booze threshold being a little lower post-baby. I used to have to TRY to get drunk before Gabe, and even then it didn't always work. Defo not like that anymore. It sucks - a lot cheaper though!

    My bad drink story...I once got so drunk my DAD had to pick me up from a party (I was 17 but am 20 now so memory still kinda fresh, urgh), when I got back I thought the garage was the toilet and I wet myself in front of my dad!!! ARRRGHHH...hey at least it wasnt a good looking guy but still....bad times! xxx
  • oh tiger lily i just laughed so much at that!! you have made me feel better lol

  • This TRUELY wasn't me but one of my flatmates when I was a student - we were in a club on her birthday and she went to the loo nad pulled down trousers and pants etc and sat on the loo and then puked in the crotch of her trews and knickers - :lol: not nice when I had to get her home :lol: and when we got there she tried to use the burglar alarm as a phone PMSL!!!!

    I once was sick all down the middle of my bed and then spent the night knocking on the INSIDE of my bedroom door to be let out :lol: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • soooo funny. love the knocking on door bit

    not a drunk story but hubbys work mate went for a poo in a field (dont ask!) when he had finished he put his hood up on his overalls and he had pooed in his hood! eeewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pmsl at these stories, especially the poo in the hood :lol::lol::lol:
  • Aww Kell! least you don't really remember it!
  • pmsl at your stories. i was a proper drunkard before i had i have so many embarassin stories i could b here all night. one of the worst ones was when i was 18 and just started uni, got drunk and pulled this bloke, was takin him home, waitin for taxi and then puked over a takeaway window!!nice. worst bit was he still came home with me and s******d him. oh the shame. im embarrassed just thinkin bout
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