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why are doctors so annoyin?

i went to the docs bout 2 weeks ago as had been feelin really ill, really anxious, no period for now 8 weeks (4 bfns), feelin sick, absolutely shattered even if i did manage to get some sleep. anyway rang docs today to see if the results were back, they were and all normal. did no1 think i should know they were back and that they couldnt find anything. also since they couldnt find anything with my bloods do they not think they need to have a look if there is anythin else goin on. now i feel like im goin mad. some days i feel awful.
any ideas what i should do?
rant over.xxx


  • hun i used to often feel exactly how you've described and have had loads of blood tests for all sorts from diabeties to anemia, thyroid problems etc... all come back normal, and then nobody has ever offered any sort of explanation as to why id feel so rotten! the anxiety and exaustion were the worst bits about it. the worst part of it it was worst when i was 17... no doctors took me seriously so i just stopped telling anybody i felt ill and tried to ignore it and im pretty much back to normal now at 20. i have occasional days where i feel sh*t. At one point i thought i might have ME (google it!) but the docs just basically shrugged that off.

    It's standard though for docs not to do call backs unless they actually find something. A bit annoying when you're the one wanting results.

    If you genuinely think there is a medical reason then keep pestering them. For me i think it could have been down to a lot of factors, stress, poor diet, big changes at home, lack of sleep etc etc. Or still possibly ME, but ill not know!

    i hope you can get an answer or feel better very soon X
  • lara and chloe - they tested for everythin from fbc to anaemia to thyroid to diabetes. my mum did tell me when she had me she felt the same and the docs put it down to anxiety and depression(iv been diagnosed with pnd too), every test they did came bacl fine. eventually they tested my mums serum iron?? and thats where she was anaemic but apparently it doesnt show up on bog standard tests. it could be that. 1 prob you have to have had a period recently, i havent had 1 for 8 weeks even though i get af pains. linziMc- docs are rubbish especially if your a woman. they assume its hormonal whatever age you go. i wouldnt mind but i hardly ever go to gps as i know how c**p they can be.lol.xxx
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