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hi ladies im little worried iv been feeling baby wiggle now and again fom 16 weeks im now over 18 weeks and havent felt baby wiggle properly for 2 days i feel totaly fine within myself but little worried about this should i feel worried???? iv no sore boobs and aint been sick since monday.maybe im being over protective and just worring to much because whats happened to me in the past. replys much appreacated.xx


  • as moony said they tend not to tell you to 'track' the movements until a little later but if you are at all worried id call the midwife or hospital just to put your mind at rest, especially if you are used to feeling regular movements.
  • hiya i had this was feelin baby loads from about 14 weeks and thn all asudden there was nothing. never really had any pg syptoms with this pg so much diff from 1st.. but im now 23 w+ and lil man has only really started movin gen proply in last few weeks i wud try not 2 worrie :P hope this helps x
  • Hi try not to worry. i was feeling quite strong movements from about 19wks and the in wk 23 i felt hardly anything from mon night until the fri morning. i rang the hospital who brought me in and put me straight on the fetal heart monitor and everything was fine. She actually put the monitor on and we heard a little muffle which the midwife said was a movement...i didnt feel a thing!!! So it just shows we dont feel every movement so early on.

    Anyway, i had been really tired and a little stressed with work that week and the midwife asked about this and she said that if i was so tired and not relaxing i wasnt going to feel much, and advised me to slow down and take some time for myself. which i did....3hrs later little baba was kicking like mad!!!

    Please try not to worry (i know thats easier said than done!!!) but u are still early on and the baby has probably just moved so the movements aren't so noticable. Try and sit down and relax and if ur still really worried, ring ur midwife...thats what they are there for xxx

    K 25+5

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