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to anyone whos lo are around 8 or 9 ish months

hi, how many naps in the day does your lo have and how long are they?? and what tim do they go to bed and wake? just curious of jayden having too much hours in the day and not enough at night he goes to bed at 7.30- 8 last week he only been waking once for a bottle at 3pm then getting up at 6, he has a nap about 9 for about 1hour then a nap around 2.30ish for about hour and half


  • Hi Maddi is 8 months and has a couple of naps during the day.
    Maddi normally wakes up at 6am she then has a nap at 9am. This is usually for about an hour.
    She then has another nap at 3pm for 30 mins.
    Bedtime for her is between 5.30 and 6pm and she will sleep through most nights but she sometimes wakes at 3am if she has slept longer during one of naps that day. She will normally have a bottle then and go back to sleep until 6.
  • hia grace is just over 9 mths old and goes to bed at 6pm and sleeps thru till anytime between 6.30am-8am. Shes then back in bed after being awake for about an hr and half and has a good sleep in the mrning for around 2 hrs!she also has afternoon nap at around 2ish for about 1 1/2 hrs.Some days she can sleep more if feeling unwell or teething,she likes her sleep!!lol xxx
  • thanks for replys, jayden only just starting having one bottle a night.. it was 2 maybe 3 up untill a week ago, fingers crossed it stays like that!!

    hollysmum and bump, god i wish jaydne would like sleep so much lol hes soo active and always on the go.. right untill hes asleep.. xxxx
  • i think iv been lucky with mine wirth sleep,watch the nxt one be a nightmare!! lol xx
  • Nathans 9 1/2 mths and sleeps from 7pm - 6.30am straight through. He has 2 naps in the day one morning and one afternoon which can be anything from 40mins - 2 hours.
    Once lo's are weaned they are less likely to get hungry at night so he may be waking for the bottle out of routine.

  • Livs is 8 months on Wedsnesday.
    7.30-8.00 she wakes
    8.00-8.30 she has a 6oz bottle
    half and hour later, breakfast
    9.30 til 10.30 playtime
    10.30 ish 11 naptime. roughly one hour
    12.00 ish she wakes from nap
    12.30 lunch
    1 til 2 playtime
    2ish another bottle
    2.30 ish nap for roughly 1.5, 2 hours
    4ish she wakes
    4 til 4.45 playtime
    4.45, 5 ish dinner
    5.45 6 ish bathtime
    6.45 7ish another bottle, then bedtime

    Thankfully she sleeps right thro now but it has taken a while to achieve this! x x x x

  • Bit ou of the age rang i now but jason's 10 months his routine is:
    up for anywhere between 7 n 9
    breakfast soon as new nappy dressed etc
    bottle around half 10/11 no matter what time he wakes up & snack at same time, usually something for the organix range he can nibble on while i get some stuff sorted in the kitchen.
    dinner around half 12/1 then usually out for a walk or if it's dry to the park for a crawl on the grass
    bottle around half 2/3
    tea about 4/4.30, maybe a bit of juice
    bath (every other day) bottle n he's in bed for around 7.
    wakes for a bottle around 12 before me & oh go to be but we can cope with that!!!
    it's not often he has naps n just picks n chooses when he sleeps but doesn't usually sleep for more than half an hour
  • Zacky is about 8.5months. He goes to bed at 9pm and sleeps through to between 8 or 10am. He does wake once in the night, but he will chat with his toys and play with his rattle for about an hour then settle back off. On a good day he will have a nap from about 11am for about 1 hr. He will nap again for about 2hrs mid afternoon, then has about an 1.5hrs from about 5.30pm

    On a bad day he will only nap for about 10 mins in the day, and he gets so cranky as he is so tired. He just gets scared that he is going to miss something some days.

    We dont have structured nap times in the day and he just chooses when he needs to sleep.
  • Hi james is nearly 8 months and he goes to bed 8-8.30 and most night goes right through but sometimes wakes at about 4 ish for a bottle but only has 1-2 ozs then he gets up at 6.30-7 ish and has a bottle 8 ozs then we take Ellie to school come back have breakfast about 9.30-10 ish then he has a sleep at about 10.30 usuall 1-2 hrs then wake up, lunch at about 1 ish then a little play and usually has another nap about 2.30-3 ish again for another 1-2 hrs if he only has an 1 hr then about 6 ish he has a power nap of 20-30 mins we have tea at 6.30 then wash pj's and bed for all 3 ellie and leo 7.30 and then james again at about 8-8.30 vikki xx
  • Evie is nearly 10 months now and it's dead hard to get her to nap in the day! She won't usually go for a nap in the morning, so I wait til after her dinner. She might have an hour if we're lucky! But she goes to bed at 6pm and gets up around 7am so I can't really complain.


  • Cameron is 8 months, he sleeps from 7-7 at night and has a nap in a morning around 10 for 1-2 hours then depending how long he had in the morning he'll have 1/2 to 1 1/2 hours in afternoon about 3pm.
  • ok thanks, did think maybe i was letting jayden have too much sleep in the day and thats why he was waking at night but still so far so good he has only woke once ...
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