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Iv just spent and hour and half trying to take his mornin nap! GRRRR, he's visibly tired and always takes a nap at this time but he's just refusing to go off!!
I read that at around 8 months they could start challenging sleep but bloody hell he only turned 8 months yesterday!!
just wanted to vent and fume! my head feels like its gonna implode!!


  • Charlotte does this sometimes. If she's not upset I just leave her even though she may not sleep just so I can get things done.
    It is very annoying though!
  • he was rolling around and banging his head, arms and legs on the cot bars so he kept crying so couldnt even just leave him. im gona make him stay up till after his dinner now and see if he'll have a good sleep after that! was supposed to be doing our food shopping today but doubt il get chance now!!! argh grr!!
  • not even had my breakfast yet!!!!!!x
  • Maybe he's teething?
  • i think so cos the dribble has really started flowing these past few days.
    i just put him to bed and his eyes closed as soon as his head touched down!!
    ahhhhhhhh, bliss.
    am now sat with a cup of tea and my dinners in the oven, lovely!
    thanks for listening to me vent lovely ladies
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