Your tips on being an organised mum??

Hello ladies,hope you are all well. I have been a mum for almost a year now, its lo's birthday in 2 weeks. Before becoming a mum I didn't have much responsibility I'm 23 now. I love being a mum and grew up fast when lo was born, so I have to be organised. We have our routine but sometimes getting it in order can be a mess. Whether you have 1 or 5 what would your organising tips? Also I manage to sort out everything except myself, and find myself make-up less alot of the time...


  • if you're going out and about - make lists! i love writing lists i'm such a massive geek. Just to make sure you don't forget to back anything and get caught out.
  • I'm the same I write them for everything, seems to be around the house that gets un organised
  • I'm sorry? I don't understand, organised????? What's that then? I couldn't organise my way out of a paper bag, we just sort of bumble along!
  • i'm with bedhead i have two and am pregnant with my third and i just kinda go with the fow neve stop for two minutes though so should maybe start getting a bit more organised before baby No3 comes along.

  • It's the last thing I feel like doing, but as soon as Lily's gone down for the night I sort out any mess, wipe the surfaces, load the dishwasher etc BEFORE I sit in front of the telly with a glass of wine. I can't relax properly anyway if it's a mess, plus I find it really depressing to wake up to a house that's a tip from the day before.

    This is totally geeky, but if we're going out anywhere I start getting ready an hour before. It sounds ridiculous but I know I may or may not need to do a nappy change and feed in that time, as well as get myself sorted. I put everything we'll need by the front door as I think of it so we can't forget anything. If there's any time left, I then put a wash on or whatever needs doing.
  • Hey,
    So my plan of getting organised is two things-lists (plus more lists with one final MASSIVE list!) and getting things sorted before I go to bed.
    We're off to see releatives down South soon (hoping for a visit to Bluewater aswell-yippee) and I have made list of what to get done before we go, what to take and then tick off as they get packed or completed (the sado teacher in me coming out I think).
    Then before I go to bed I get lo's stuff out for the next day, check the change bag is full ready to use and now its food stuff too so that adds another load to do.
    I also have to tidy the front room, clean down the kitchen and get breakfast stuff out ready for the next day before I go up to bed. Yes its sad and geeky but it helps me! It also helps me when I put everything in the same place and doing the same thing in the same way too.
    Dread to think what life in our house will be like when I don't have the time or energy to do this. Oh doesn't notice if things need sorting and he never puts things back in the same place so drives me bonkers!
    Mind you doing all this still leaves me no time for looking after myself and I never look presentable and make-up? I wish! Might have that sorted next time round! x
  • Hey mum to 1 your a genius I never thought of getting things out and ready for the next day. My hubby does nothing. What do you think of a weekly timetable I know it sounds almost military lol I have my yummy mummy calendar that I write but its weekly I could do with a daily one with times... Or am I overboard here... lol
  • Hi,
    I do like a food planner so I know what I'm cooking when and I waste less (used to be awful buying stuff and forgetting why!). I also try and do things on the same day (God I sound and probably am very, very sad!) like Monday's I do the cleaning so I vac and dust (well I try) and I know we're normally out Tues, Wed and Thurs so I do the food list on a Friday to get delieverd on a Sunday. Anyway confessions of a sado over for now!
    Think whatever you do yummy mummy738 will help as you'll feel better that's why I do most of the things as it helps me feel less stressed about the day ahead if that makes sense xx
  • Like PTB I try and clean the kitchen and stuff when Gabe's gone to bed, and clear away the moutain of toys and crap used daily to distract Gabe!

    As for make up, I've only just started wearing it again in the last month! And I feel a lot better for it. What I do is sit Gabe in his cot while I do make up and straighten my hair...and he watches me and plays (usually) quietly. He's generally happy as long as I'm in his sight.

    But overall I am totally DISorganised, and I am a full time mum so frig knows how working mums cope! Sometimes when it takes soooo long getting out, I could break down and cry...actually I have done before!...And I have everything ready the night before too! Im bloody useless!


  • I love being organsied and like pink toothbrush cant relax if my house is a mess but lately have turned into a slummy mummy!

    I always have a quick 15-20min spree when Nathans gone to bed so that in the morning things dont feel a mess! Oh thinks I'm mad but it makes al the difference.

    If I know I'm driving the next day I'll get the car seat in the car (its normally in oh's as I rarely drive) and load the pushchair into it, pack his bag etc.

    I do try to pre plan our meals but at the moment it takeaway city here as I'm so behind following us all being ill.

  • I used to be fairly organized but now i dont know whats happened. Plus I have no memory any more. I just double chech everything before i leave the house. Gotta run lo is eating the cats food lol
  • As a housewife I admit Im not voerly organised some would say.
    First thing after lo is dressed and fed and happily playing in playpen (homemade large inclosed space), I unload and reload dishwasher and put some washing on.
    When lo has morning nap, I make sure she has something for her lunch.
    Afternoon nap, I do jobs for about 1-1.5 hrs i.e, ironing, cleaning kitchen etc. The other half of her sleep I use as me time. so checking emails coming on here etc. Make sure she has something for tea.
    Once in bed for the night, I finishing cooking oh and my tea. Load and put dishwasher on, clean kitchen sufaces so all tidy and clean for morning. I tidy los toys up and hoover the floor if necessary (she is crawling). That way I find the house is in a reasonable sondition for the morning.

    Going out:at least an hour before we go out I make sure changing bag is ready to go, I have her pushchair out (stores in outhouse bit like garage) if walking or car seat is out ready to put lo in. Make sure I am ready eg hair and clothed. 15mins before leave I change lo nappy and get her ready.

    I ahve a weekly family calender which is useful so I know what lo activity planned at what oh is up to. Have also recently started doing meal planning for the week...really helps me get dinner ready on time rather than eating at 8pm! I used to right a list for chaning bag but now I remember what to put in it. If we are going out for the day as a family or go out visiting I alwys right a list, otherwise I end up forgetting somthing important. Also, if leaving early morning, I will try adn get myself ready the night before.

    As for myself, I shower/hair wash whilst los napping. Make up I never really wore, however in the hr getting ready before going out, I find time to mascara, straighten hair perfume etc in the same room as lo in. If im going into town etc I dont usually bother.

    I know I have repeated what others already do, just found it easier to blog what I do down. So apologies for the long post! xxx
  • I do housework during the day, and after tea whilst Kelsie is playing, I'll hoover, wash up and clean kitchen. Then when she has gone up, I'll tidy her toys and put washing up away, before I dare to sit down. I have a wall calender and a diary cos my memory is terrible from having Jack. I cant live in a messy or un-clean house, I suffer with OCD so living like that is not an option. I obsess about silly things, that really dont need thinking off!! But as long as the kids and happy and healthy then I'm happy image

  • Mum to 1 - it must be the teacher in us liking lists! I get breakfats things out the night before, get Lily's stuff sorted night before if we are off out the next day. I am back at work so HAVE to keep organised. After we've been out I try a and refill the change bag then. I have just set my washer to come on in the morning so it's washed and ready for the dryer once I'm up in the morning and I'll iron tomorrow nightt!!! I am not very good at organising tea and have to admit to ringing hubby on way home from work sometimes and asking him to call at the chippy!

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