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Naughty Child!!!

Poppy was in the kitchen tonight playing in the cupboard with the pans in - OH & I were in the lounge looking at something and he shouted her back in but she wouldn't come so in he went to retrieve her. I heard him say 'oh no' in a desperate tone so I rushed in, only to find that our darling daughter wasn't there! She'd only climbed out the dog flap and was running round the garden shouting 'Poppy garden' at the top of her voice!!
I can't believe she went out the dog flap! what a monster!!
Sorry but just had to share!!


  • Oh my God! That made me giggle, is her middle name Houdini!! x
  • That made me laugh out loud!!!!
  • :lol::lol: Donna! Your gonna have to keep that one locked now or she'll be doing the great escape as soon as your backs are turned lol.
    Aren't they just little monkeys!
  • THAT IS HILARIOUS! Had to read it out to oh and we had a good giggle! Sorry not so funny for you - esp now she knows she can do it!
  • lol. Wee monkey. I also had to read it to my husband and had a laugh. I dare say you laughed at it then but you probably are now. You definately need eyes in the back of your head and won't ever be able to let her out of your sight for 2 mins.
  • haha i also had to laugh, bet that gave you a fright xx
  • Thats the best laugh I've had in ages! Bless her the cheeky lil monkey!x
  • That made me laugh out loud i thought you were gonna say she had emptied something out lol

    You'll have to watch her by the sounds of it as she sounds like an escape artist lol soooo funny shouting poppy garden lol
    vikki xx
  • LOL Poppy! you have your hands full there! LOL xxxxx
  • Seriously - the dog didn't help - after finding her in the garden, I shut the kitchen door so she couldn't get back in but the dog (another houdini!) kept jumping up at the door so it opened and she could get back in!!! Oh & I were just in awe - they were like some sort of weird double act!!
    She tried again this morning, she stood at the flap, pushed it with her arm and said 'out?' when I said no she shoved her leg through it! I'm going to try and video her doing it later so I can send it to YBF and post on face book of course!
  • :lol: that made me laugh. Isaac got a pot of cream from the fridge one day and took it to the lounge, emptied it on the rug (not the laminate floor which could be easily wiped, oh no) then splashed in it like a puddle all the time saying bad baby and laughing. Children are great arent they. x
  • Oh, how funny is that??? Would love to have seen it - and the look of shock on mummy and daddy's face!!!

  • hillarious me and my oh laughed and laughed about this xx
  • The little monkey! So funny though!
  • That is soooo funny and yet rather scarey! Definitely something to warn baby sitters about haha! Think the funniest bit is 'poppy garden' though, bless image
  • Im gatecrashing but that is just hilarious, bless her!!! I do worry about dog flaps though, seriously. Quite a few years ago now me and my friends were out drinking but my mum was out and we couldn't get in the house as I'd left the keys at home! So we all climbed over the back garden gate to see if the back door was open, it wasn't. So my mate got in through the dog flap (she is tiny, maybe a size 6!) and let us in!
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