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Enough milk?? Worried

Hi, I am a bit worried about my baby's milk intake - I am now on my second week of weaning and the amount of milk he drinks has dropped very quickly and all the books I have say that it is gradual! He has approx 7 oz less per day than before and only has breakfast and lunch.

I know that once weaned they should have a minimum of 20oz per day, is that once they are on 3 meals?

How quickly did your baby drop milk?

Thanks in advance for your help xxx :\? :\? :\?


  • Hey hun,
    I wouldn't worry too much as I always think they take what they want when they want it.
    My lo was like that at the start and has recently started having more milk, think it might be due to his cold and possibly a bit of a growth spurt too. He's 7 months and been on solids for a month and a bit.
    I agree with Naz7 about adding the calcium foods and you could also add his normal milk to foods like rice, cereals etc too.
    Hth x
  • Hello, thanks for you advice ladies, I feel much happier now x What I will do is introduce cheese etc to some of his meals, maybe yoghurt. Does anybody know if 1 oz yoghurt or cheese is equal to 1 oz formula milk?
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