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Petite Star Zia buggy

Mine arrive today - I LOVE IT ALREADY! So thanks for the advice on getting it. I have it in the forest check and it is lush adn Max walked straight up infront of it when I put it together and wanted to get in - That;s not happened with the buggy EVER!

But does anyone have the travel cover bag for theirs and if so how does it fit in???



  • Hello!!
    Guess who lol!! I have it-you have to take the wheels off but it fits well!!
    Glad you like it!!
    Lydia xx
  • Right ho - so I have taken the wheels off then do you lie it flat int he bag or on it's side?? Does that make sense??? I have managed to get it in the bag but all wonky donky and I am sure it must fit better but not sure how!!!

    I love it - been pushing it round the living room all evening and Max is already in bed!!! :lol: !
  • Eeek can't remember!! lol-however it fits!! and if it's for a flight add your sunshade/raincover in just to be sneaky! lol!!
    It was for our holiday buggy-but I use it more than the other one!! lol!!??????
  • Ok another question- is it supposed to fold with hood on the buggy? Or do you take yours off?
  • Can any of you confirm if the handle height is only 100cm??? Only my oh is 6ft4 and that would be too short!!!
  • hiya i bought this aswell and love it. only prob is you cant get to basket when lay flat. Handle is quite short. im five nine and had to get used to it!
  • Hi Naz -

    I have JUST swopped my 3D for this buggy (I too LOVE my 3D)

    I haven't had to use the raincover yet so can't answer that but this buggy is FAB and REALLY light after the 3d - dead easy to put up and down and just great! image
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