Signed off work but feel fine.

I went for my blood pressure check yesterday at the doctors and it was ok, urine ok, but becasue i had said i had been feeling a bit off at the weekend and nearly fainted monday, I wanted to get them checked, thinking I would be back to work in the afternoon, he said take rest and i will sign you off for a week.Even though I said i was fine, just a bit heavy heady which you can expect with pregnancy.

However I am now sat at home twiddling my thumbs I dont feel ill, and maybe it was just a funny past few days? does it really need me to be off for a week?

What should I do, should i ring the doctors and see him so I can be signed back to work or just wait till tuesday when I should go back to work??

I have also made an appointment with the midwife to see if she can listen to babies heartbeat for me, just to see if everything ok, as not felt it move yet either but i know anything up to 20 plus weeks until this happens. then my mum then made me panic and say something might not be right..yet shes pushing me to get signed off....agh
I just dont know what to do.



  • If it were me i'd enjoy my week off at home =) I have a doppler and they really put your mind at rest, i use it about 3 times a week! Maybe you could look into buying one?
  • Yes how much are they? and where did you get one from?
    Just hate time off when not really ill, just pregnant.
    I know I had a funny do monday, but do I need to rest i was only on holiday last week, just feel so guilty being off.
  • From reading posts the Angle sounds doppler seems to be the best and is the one I went for - I got it from ebay for about ??25 inc p&p. You don't need to buy the gel with it as a thin moisturiser or bio oil, something like that works just as well. I've had mine since about 11 weeks and don't use it half as much now but it is a lot easier to find the heartbeat now that I'm further along -


    PS - put your feet up and enjoy your week off, that's what I'd do!!! :\)
  • i got mine off a friend but i have heard you can get them for ??25 as Mrsfloosy said. I wouldnt pay more than ??30. I use johnsons baby oil with mine and the one bottle will last the whole 9 months. Dont feel guilty, you have a Drs note which they wouldnt have given if it wasnt needed.
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