TENS Machine?

Hi all

Just after advice!

Did you think a TENS Machine was worth it? Would you buy or rent one?
Can anyone recommend a specific model?

I don't know where to start!!!

Joo xxx


  • I'm trying to decide too. Everyone seems to have such mixed opinions! Prices seem to vary loads, you can buy cheaper than rent in some cases but does that mean they are not as good!?
  • I was trying to decide too, and i decided i would rent one, my midwife said she'd seen good results with them so that encouraged me. Iam going to rent one as the the brought ones arent as powerful, but sometimes hospitals rent them to you, my hospital does and its only a ??10 deposit and u collect it at 39 weeks. However they cant guratee your get one plus what happens if u need it 38 weeks? So i decided to hire one!

    Jennie 31+5
  • Hi Joo!

    I am considering one of these as well but hoping to have a water birth and obviously you can't use both!

    May get one just in case the pools are in use if I can find one thats not too expensive!


  • I've been thinking about this too. I saw one in the mothercare catalogue to rent it was about ??30 I think. You can rent it for 4 weeks plus a two week free extension if you go overdue. I think I might do that!
  • I got a brand new one still in the box on freecycle.....for free! couldnt believe it. Its worth keepin a look out for one in your area.

  • I was looking into this too, saw one to buy in babies r us for ??40 i think it was. But it said on the back that they are not suitable to use before 37 weeks so i'm going to speak to my midwife about it at my next appt, and will wait til i'm 37 weeks to buy it, just in case i go into labour early, don't want to waste my money! The only reason i can think of not to rent is that you then dont have the added hassle once you've had your baby (and are very very busy!!) of having to return it xxx
  • lol I know it doesn't help but I wanted to know about them also. I know sometimes the hospital rent them out if that is any help?
  • I have rented one from Mothercare - ??30 for three weeks with two weeks free if I go overdue (entirely possible at the rate I'm going!) I haven't actually used it yet, but have had a quick practice run (as recommended with the instructions) which makes me think it will be useful for early labour. It certainly helped my back ache! It may be a bit of a hassle to return, but otherwise, even if I don't find it helpful, I think it will be money well spent, if only for the peace of mind it is giving me at the moment. I'll try and report back in a couple of weeks to let you know how it goes. :\)

    Incidentally, Boots also rents machines for similar lengths of time and for about the same price. All can be sorted out on-line.
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