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CSA Rant

Hi ladies,

Need to get this off my chest as it gets me soooo mad. Sorry bit long.

A few years ago when my husband was 19 he was with a girl who was 16 and she got pregnant, neither of them were ready for a child and the girl told my husband she was going to have an abortion my husband moved out of the area with his family later to find out the girl hadnt had an abortion husband was not very happy, he tried to bond with the little boy who is now 11 but he couldnt and doesnt see him at all. Then last year the CSA contacted him (first time since the boy was born) saying he had to pay so much a week maintenance plus areas!!

He started paying ??500 a month and informed the CSA that his wife (I) was expecting a baby they told him to send in my babys birth certificate so that they could lower the payments which he did and the payments went up with no explanation why!!
One day when he was on the phone to them trying to sort this out they asked him to confirm how much rent and council tax he was paying, what they had on the system was wrong this was for his old house with his ex wife and it was less then what he was paying at the time so he informed them that he was paying more and they put his payments up again. So he is now paying ??780 a month, I dont understand how if we can be paying more rent and council tax they can up the payment. They have also said to him that he is paying arrears but because the arrears wont be paid off in 2 years after that period they are going to be sending the bayliffs to us. Even though he pays every month and has never missed a payment.

Im really pissed off because all my wages are paid out on bills and we live off husbands and my little one is missing out on little things all because of the CSA.

Im so angry i really dont understand them, I dont think they have even taken into account about our little one.

Sorry a bit long but I feel a little bit better now.

Louise & Lexi-Mai xxx


  • we are having problems with the csa aswell.
    they should take into consideration 15% of his wages for you little one. and as far as i know the claim starts the day the csa are contacted and not for the whole of the childs life i think your oh should appeal their decision. but they money should go down if you have a child and if you are paying more rent and council tax.

    I had replied before but BE has eaten my post again!!
  • Hiya ladies yeah he does know the childs his he had a dna test done. He isnt on a high paid job not really about ??400 a week. We have spoken to citizens advice who have said they can take 40% of his wages which is ridiculas. The csa contacted my hubby when the child was first born then for some reason dropped the case and he never heard anything from them again till last year. They told him that they had found his case in old records and were re-opening it. I dont know what to do im so angry.

  • 40%%%???what are you and your family meant to live on?Im mean sure he has a responsibility to his child but that seems rediculous. A lot of people only earn what ever 40% would be so she is probably living off that alone. Surely mainanance isnt meant to fund their whole lifestyle?She wouldnt have to work with that and benefits lol!!!

    Makes me angry!:evil:
  • hi im gatecrashing from pregnancy forum there is a calculator on the csa website which tells you roughly how much you should be paying if he gets 400 per week and is paying for one child and you have a child to take into consideration it says you should only be paying ??51 per week surely they cant take that much of your income from you its riduculas me and my childrens dad came to a mutual agreement he gives me ??45 per week for 2 children although if his ex is getting ??780 per month she is sooo not gonna agree to a mutual agreement good luck i hope you get it sorted
    claire x

    the link for you
  • Hi girls,

    the thing is his ex doesnt work and she lives of benifits and she would only get approx ??10-??15 a week apparantly he is paying so much because of arrears because they couldnt be botherd to deal with his case.

    It makes me so angry as well.

  • I hate to be the first to be a bit negative i can see both sides of the arguement. Firstly i empathise because the amount of money they are asking for is ridiculous and she wont be seeing that money because it goes straight back into the system. BUT why if your partner knew that he had a child did he not start a savings fund or something like that to cover childcare costs or arrears after all the CSA has been around for a long long time now and that letter was always gonna come eventually. You say about them not taking into account the wellbeing of your little one but what about his other child? someone has to pay. why doeasnt he try contacting the mother and explaining to her that if she were to get off her butt and work they could work out a reasonable amount of maintenance i mean even ??50 a week is a whole lot better. plus she'd get tax credits etc. i agree the CSA has some major major faults but it does serve a purpose to some degree.
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