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I was going to ask you girls, when I went for my gender scan the lady said my Placenta was on my front wall what does that mean?? Is that the front of my belly and maybe why I can't feel her that much???

K xx


  • Eh I am not sure but I think my mw told me my placenta was behind her, I am feeling her move a lot so you could be right.

  • Yeah it just hot me as the other day I really felt her but nothing since then. I know it can be up to 22 weeks but then i remember the lady saying your placenta is on your front wall so that could be why I am not feeling her much image

    K xx
  • They will probably clarify it at your 20-week scan... I don't know if "at the front" is that same as low lying placenta?

    Anyone else know?

    Joo xxx
  • I had a low lying placenta with my last daughter and they never used the phrase at the front just always low lying.

  • Erm , thats the thing I wished I had asked now but I was so happy to see her it went right out of my mind. I have no idea why that just came to me either??

    Can a low lying placenta cause problems?? can they move if you they say you have this early on.

    K xx
  • I found this so looks like your right babe

    Location--Ultrasound also can show where the placenta is implanted within the uterus. It may be at the top (fundal), toward the back (posterior), or toward the front (anterior). All are normal.

    If the placenta is near the front, the mother may not be able to feel her baby's kicks as early or as well as if it was implanted toward the back, because when the baby kicks, the force is muffled (as if he were kicking a pillow). This kicking is normal and does not harm the placenta.

    If the placenta is so low in the uterus that it covers the cervix (placenta previa), it may cause vaginal bleeding and prevent delivery of the baby through the vagina.
  • A low lying placenta is also called placenta previa, which wan be dangerous. I was told at my 14 week scan with my daughter that it was low and that they would contiune to scan me. I thinkI had 4 more scans and at the 35 one, the placenta had moved round therefore I was able to have a natural birth, otherwise it would have been a section.

  • mine is towards the fron anterior it is called and as long as it isnt low lying it is perfectly normal, i didnt start to feel many kicks until i was about 18 20 wks and this is my 4th, i put it down to that, i can feel her now thats for sure!!
  • Thanks ladies, what a pain in the bum!!! Would have been nice if it was at the back so I could feel her more. The lady did not say anything about being low thank god just that it was on my front wall.

    I will see more at the 20 weeks scan on the 31 March and hope that can say for sure then. Thanks for this.

    K xx
  • My placenta is at the front too and my notes say anterior high which i guess is good! I didnt feel baby kick untill about 24 weeks and even then it was irregular and very faint!

    Jennie 31+6 x
  • Dont worry anterior placenta just means its on the front wall of your uterus. My placenta is positioned this way too. A placenta can be low lying at the front or the back so its a completeley different thing. It will be checked at your anomally scan and if it is low lying they'll scan you again usually at about 34-36 weeks to see if baby has pushed it up a bit.

  • Perfect thanks girls I feel better now though a little sad it might take longer to feel her move as that is one thing I can't wait for.

    K xx
  • Hi k-lou.

    I had an anterior placenta, where it was at the front. Its nothing to worry about but it did stop me from feeling movement. I had a few trips to the hospital in the later stages to monitor the baby. Sods law though that everytime I did that, she moved! Just wanted to post to say not to worry and not to feel silly if you want to be monitored. My hospital were really good at putting my mind at rest. xxxx
  • Thank you, so if this is the case could this mean later on when I am bigger and have to note 10 movements a day , that this could stop me from feeling 10 movements?

    K xx
  • I had an anterior placenta with my son and I felt him move loads! I can't remember exactly when it started (wish I had written things down) but it wasn't that late into the pregnancy. The only problem I had was that he was back to back and I had to have a c-section as he wouldn't come out!! Apparently it is quite common to have a back to back baby when you have an anterior placenta. My midwife told me to sit forwards and use a birth ball over the last few weeks - it didn't work for me but I would give it a try. Don't panic though lots of back to back babies are born naturally with no complications.
  • Hi k-lou - I have an anterior placenta too! I felt the odd twinges and popping from about 15 weeks but no definite movement til 24/25 weeks! They don't worry before then?! Other thing I have noticed is that I cannot feel the kicks from the outside either - even now and when she is walloping me from the inside! It basically cushions the kicks so you don't feel / see as much - but it is perfectly ok and normal!

    I had a scare a couple of weeks ago when I felt nothing for 24 hours - but when I went to hospital on the monitor they could hear the kicks fine! they put it down to my anterior placenta!

    Tara 31+2
  • Just read this, sorry girls I just started another post about it as well. Thank you for all your feedback on it. Has worried me a little that you say this can cause back to back but I guess we will never know till the time actually comes eh and so much can happen in that time.

    K xx
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