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FAO Lauranoble

Hey hon
Just wanted to say that I saw your post about you possibly having PND and wanted to check you were okay. xxx


  • Hey hun

    Thank you so much. I'm ok, i just have some really down days. I know it could progress much worse and i am trying so hard to snap myself out of the frame of mind that i get myself into. It's hard though. But going to the baby group and meeting up with the girls from there is really helping. TBH i think it's because i'm lonely through the week, also the baby weight is a major factor, it knocks my confidence even more so than normal.

    I'm trying really hard though, and hubby is helping me snap out of it when i start getting upset, over nothing!

    Thank you again x
  • Hi, sorry to gatecrash but i noticed your post as well about PND and after reading this i can really understand where you are coming from. i don't think i have PND but my H2B is working away at the moment so i have been really lonely during the week and my baby weight is also an issue and is getting me down. i've been making a determined effort to do something with jack everyday, on a money we go to baby gym, tuesday we go swimming, wednesday is my mum's day off so we go and see her, thursday i've joined mum and baby group and friday i do my housework so that's a very exciting day!!! LOL. Keeping busy definitely helps and although i've only been to these baby classes a couple of times i'm hoping i can make some friends there.

    i hope you are ok anyway and that you hubby is helping you, just give us a post on here if you ever want to talk about it, will try and help x
  • Aw thanks, your all making me cry, but in a good way, lol!

    That's like me spec, i think it's either early stages of PND or delayed baby blues (which i guess are the same thing?!). I'm really trying, i'm a firm believer that some fresh air and a change of scenery can work wonders so i'm forcing myself to go out and about everyday, even when i really want a pj day.

    Thanks again x
  • my friend at work told me before i had jack to always brush my hair and put my make up on, she said if i didn't i'd feel crap and its true becuase the days i mooch around in my dressing gown with my bed hair i just feel crap all day. x
  • Totally agree. I'll take her advice too if you don't mind, although i never wear make up, but i can start!
  • i don't much anymore, i never have time to put it on, bit of mascara makes me feel better tho x
  • That is good advice, it usually takes me until the afternoon to get the chance but I always put a bit of make up on and do my hair (5 mins is all monkey man lets me take though lol!) and then I get out of the house and I always feel much better. I seem to have at least one bad day a week so I know where you are coming from. My baby weight is an issue too and Joseph is sleeping worse than ever (waking every 45-60 mins this week!) so every time I try to eat healthily or work out I end up pigging out cos I am so tired or frustrated!!
    I think talking about it definately helps. I had bad baby blues for the first two weeks but I was really open about it which was great cos my husband knew how I felt so could support me. It sounds like your husband is doing the same for you Laura which is great.
    Where abouts in Northumberland do you live? I am in Newcastle if you fancy a low key coffee sometime? xx
  • Thanks so much for posting this Tam.My very first FAO! lol x

    It seems that i'm normal then in the way that i've been feeling? It's so hard to know if it is as i've not spoken to anyone about it (apart from hubby) so i thought i was totally alone in feeling like this.

    You poor thing, i bet your shattered! How old is little Joseph? I'm up in Newbiggin By The Sea. I would love to meet up for a coffee. Are you on facebook? x
  • Def not alone. I'm like this too. I make the effort and put make up on each day etc Also helps ot get out of the house, even if just for a wee while each day. But sometimes I find myself going out and timing it around Archie's feed so I've got an excuse to stop, have a coffee and feed him. I've got plenty friends but you can't see them all the time eh?
    Ironic that I feel like this yet am dreading going back to work !! S x
  • It's made me feel better too hearing that other mummies have bad days too!!
    Joseph will be 20 weeks on Monday, he has a cold at the minute which is I think partly to blame for his all nighters.
    I'll email you with my facebook details and we can organise a coffee, I have a car so can come to you or we can meet up somewhere or at mine?
    SuzMcH I totally know what you mean about it being ironic, I keep reminding myself to enjoy the time we have (back to work in July and also dreading it!) but it is easy to forget sometimes!!

  • I've sent you a friend request Tam. I don't drive but i can certainly hop on a bus. Lucy will be 21 weeks on Tuseday, she's just gotten over a cold, but i think i may have given it back to her.

    I had a lie in this morning as hubby got up with Lucy at 7, then i made sure i dressed, did my hair and put a little conceler (!) and mascara on before i came downstairs. Hubby couldn't believe his eye's when i walked into the living room! lol.

    I'm going into the kitchen to puree some carrots and parsnips and then me and Lucy are going for a walk along the seafront while hubby digs some bait.
  • Good on you!! Just got Joseph down for a nap so should be running around tidying the house (husband is doing overtime so it's just me and Joseph again!) but I am faffing round on here! Been on facebook too so accepted your request. Better go and crack on with stuff, have a nice walk and a good weekend. Facebook me with a good day for you to meet and we'll sort something out x
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