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Washing baby clothes.

Does it matter how early you wash the clothes for baby??

Thanks xx


  • i was going to do mine this weekend and im 31 weeks today, just incase baby comes early i want to be prepared
  • We want to get hospital bag and baby bag ready soon after hearing stories of people having their babies at 24 weeks onwards. i am 26 weeks atm will i be alright washing a few bits to put in his bag? xx
  • I thought the point of washing new or second hand clothes was to remove manufacterers chemicals and previous germs? maybe wash and put them in a bag or some such to keep them clean?
  • I have no clue the main reason to be honest why wash them i think yeah i will keep them in a bag all clean. Thanks
  • dnt forget To use Non-Bio powder/liquid for babies things ;\)


  • Oooh I was gonna ask about that actually because I just bought some persil non-bio today so that will be fine wont it?
    Also, is it best to use a liquid or not? I normally do with our clothes but didn't know whether you should with babies and if you do do you get a non-bio one?
  • dont think it matters hun! liquid or powder, Just personal preference Just aslong as its Non-Bio,
    Fabric softener is liquid form so Doesn't matter, although with the Fairy Non-Bio tablets the fabric softener is built in so no need for seperate Fabric softener (if you chose to use softener) ;\)
  • If you do use fabric softner, make sure you use a gentle one, suitable for babies (I am using comfort pure) as the normal ones have chemicals in that can irritate sensitive skin.
  • Thanks Ladies xxx
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