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how long before you move baby to cot?

evie is 6 weeks tomorrow (where has the time gone image)
she's still in her moses basket but when do most babies move into their cots?
how do you make the transition from moses basket to cot, mum said about putting the basket in the cot so she gets used to a different position in the room.
also whats the rule on cot bed bumpers, should we not use them until she is older?



  • Both my LO's moved from their moses basket into their cots at 6 weeks and 5 weeks old.

  • Millie moved at 6 weeks, Barney at 12 weeks as he was in a crib so had a lot more room. The current advice on bumpers is not to use them at all. For small babies they can pose a cot death risk as they restrict the air flow around the cot, for larger babies then can act as a leg up for escape attempts!!!
  • Faye is in our room still, but we have been putting her in the cot during the day with the mobile on so she gets used to being in there.... Nearer the time I imagine we will probably move the cradle into her room with her sleeping in it before finally moving her into the cot. For now I am quite happy for her to stay in with us as it's whats recommended and for me it's easier as I'm bf

    Good luck with your decision xx
  • We used a basinet at night and the cot for day untill she grew out of the basinet at 3 months. Im from Australia and cot bumpers are a big no no here because of sids dont think we can even buy them
  • were not moving evie into the nursery until she is 6 months. we have moved her cotbed into our room (luckily we have a big bedroom as the cotbed is massive!)
    i was reading that most babies move from the moses basket into the cot from 6 weeks, i have tried evie in the cot, but she looks so little and lost in there at the moment! maybe we will wait until she outgrows the moses basket.
    will make sure we take the bumpers off before she goes in the cot!
    thanks for the advice girls! xxxxx

  • we put JJ in his cot in our room at 12 weeks, he's just gone into his own room on wednesday, he's just over 5 months image x
  • I started putting Seren in the moses basket in her cot for daytime naps at about 6 weeks.

    Then at about 8-10 weeks I put her straight in the cot for daytime naps and at bedtime (7ish) I would put her in the moses basket inside the cot. We would then take her up to our room at around 10ish, when she had her night-time bottle.

    We then moved Seren into the cot in her room at about 4 months. The moses basket was getting a tight squeeze for her so we didn't really have much choice.

    Our gradual approach was definitely successful. We had no problems at all with her settling in her room and now she starts sucking her thumb and getting in her sleep-pose as we are lowering her into the cot!!
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