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1st holiday with a 6 month old....advice please


Were taking our little girl to spain in 5 weeks so its a short flight and wont be too hot or too busy the first week in april. We fly at 7am tho so have to be at the airport for 5am!

Are there any 'must haves' that you girls can recommend please to ease the packing and sorting about what to take etc, any help welcome!

Evie eats two meals a day (porridge, then a homemade or Hipp jar for lunch with her milk between etc, so i'm assuming i'll be ok to take enough jars for her for a week with her formula?

Any tips on an easier holiday and things not to do?


Ruby x


  • A spare set of clothes for her, and clean t shirts for you in your hand luggage in case she's sick - either on herself or either of you!!
    Poppy was 10 months when we took her away for the first time - went to Mexico and it was very hot!
    Buy swim nappies here, they're a lot cheaper! And either feed her or give her a dummy on take off and landing to ease the pressure on her ears!
    Have a fab time!
  • hey,

    make sure the jars are in your suitcase - not hand luggage - you will be asked to taste any formula that you take through security with you. then jars for the week will be fine.

    It's a good idea to take your lo's own cot sheets so her cot there smells of home and will help her settle more.
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