seperation anxiety?

does this normally kick in at about 8 months. I cant leave cameron for a second at the minute.
this morning he was in his walker in the kitchen, i leant down to take some washing out and he was bawling cos he couldnt see me! thats not like him at all!
and when i put him down for naps he's crying when i leave the room... again not like him!
any tips on handling seperation anxiety? i dont want him to become reliant on me being there all the time!


  • Charlotte was like this at around Cameron's age. the only way to combat it i found is to keep talking to them if they can't see you so they know you are still there - somewhere!
    I also played peekabo with Charlotte so I turned it into a game to take her mind off it so you could try that. Now she's crawling she's around my leg so can see me for sure!
    She also went thru an unsettle phase at night a couple of months back. Unless she was really upset we didn't go into her room as leaving again made it worse. Instead we used the talk back on the baby monitor and shushed her thru that so she could hear us but not see us.
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