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just a little splurge!

hey girls, i've not been online for almost a week now and i've had BE withdrawal symptoms!

I've had a reaaly hectic week and am so stressed out and tense i just need to splurge and hopefully get some sympathy! lol...

Since last tuesday Evie's barely eaten a thing and was very sleepy so i figured she was teething. On friday she came down with a fever and temperature which she's had upto now. we've had the most unsettled weekend with her ever, she has been so unwell. her temps been as high as 41, 3times now she's come out in a horrible heat rash and she's barely slept, not eaten a thing since friday, and drank very little too. I had her at out of hours doctors on sat night who diagnosed "non specific virus" and advised i continue alternating calpol and ibuprofen every 2hours and monitoring her temp and wet nappies. She's never cried so much as she has this weekend, it's horrible to hear, she is obviously in pain. she seemed to perk up a little on sunday afternoon, but went downhill on sunday evening (thats when her temp hit 41) i've never been so worried, rang NHS direct but was told just to continue what i was already doing. Last night she was so tired she was acting a bit delerious, randomly wandering about looking spaced out. I could get her to sleep no bother, she could barely keep her eyes open, but every 5mins she would wake very upset. her throat now sounds really dry and hoarse voice too. This morning she seemed a little better though still won't touch food. I can tell she's lost weight, she looks so slim and her little tums all flat, her nappy tabs touch now, i never used to be able to stretch them that far (hope that makes sense!) i feel like im overdosing her on medicine that doesnt help much....

To top it all off we've moved house this weekend, only to a flat opposite us over the road but that's not helped anything either as it's unsettled evie more so. the move was very stressful as evie clung onto me the whole time with being ill, i've not had chance to unpack and the flats starting to get untidy already.

My OH has a really important job interveiw this morning, a 3hour assesment. If he gets the job his wage will go up from 23k to 30k, so it's a big deal, and he hardly got any sleep last night so isn't in the best state of mind for it and is extremely stressed out about it. I can tell he's worried about it as he's been very short temptered and snappy over the weekend.

Last night I bust into tears in the middle of cooking dinner as everything got too much, evie wouldnt stop crying, ben was nagging at me to leave her to cry which i couldnt do, i couldnt find anything, i hadn't eaten and just felt exhausted. I didnt even get to eat my meal in the end as i was too busy with evie.

I'm at work now and it's nice to get a break from it all at home. I just hope my little girl gets better soon as it's breaking my heart seeing her like this. On the plus side, last night inbetween crying, i was cuddling her and she pointed to my eye and said "eyes", and when i asked her what it was she said it again!! she's learned a new word, yey! what a clever monkey!

Really sorry the long ramble but i feel so much lighter having written that all down. Hope you're all well and LO's too! XX


  • hello babe poor evie i hope she soon gets better. we are having similar thing with daisy she has nasty cold but struggles to sleep any way so ive had terrible four nights last night was by far the worse so i sympathise. only plus side is ive lost 5lb as i cant put her down i cant get any food!!! hope hubby gets job too xxxx for evie
  • Oh sweetheart! I feel your pain as Harry's had the same thing. Just keep plodding on. It does help you do things to leave them to cry but can totally understand when they get that bad. Just put the kettle on and have a nice cuppa with her on your lap.

    Keep up with the dioralyte if you can. Will keep her electrolytes up which'll help fight it.

    Fingers crossed for OH's job. Will make life easier too, eh? xxxx
  • it is soo hard when lo is not well and you just cant seem to do anything to help, you just want to swap places with them for a day to give them a break and chance to feel better. hope your wee onee feels better soon, love and hugs fiona
  • Oh poor little Evie I hope she starts to get much better soon. She really did have a high temp! Charlotte's just started with another cold but it doesn't seem very bad this time. I hate it when lo's get ill cos they can't tell you where it hurts.
    She's a clever lo as well! I can't see Charlotte saying eyes just yet and she's not too much younger than Evie - still waiting for her to walk!
    Give Evie a hug from me & Charlotte x
    Hayley xx
  • thanks girls you've all made me feel a lot better. i feel like i've had big hugs! I totaly agree ccbmommy about them not being able to tell you what hurts. i ask evie all of the time "whats wrong darling? where does it hurt?" but obviously she can't answer!

    Whalemummy the job certainly would be a great help financially, we could get a car which would be a dream come true for us!!

  • Sounds like you've been having a horrible time of it, hope that Evie's feelling better soon and that your oh gets some good news about the job!
  • *sympathy vibes* image
    I know the feeling honey, Gabes been ill like that a few times with chest infections and it is miserable both for them and for you.
    Hopefully she will be better soon and you can get back to some kind of normality! xxxx
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