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feel so sorry for my oh......sorry a bit of a moan

my oh parents just dont seem to care they have a grandson! he is now 14 days old and the last time they saw him he was 5 days old. Its not like they live hours away- its a 10 minute drive!

my oh must feel so shitty as my mum has been fantastc - she rings every day, and comes every other day. tbh she been a great support to us all.

what i dont understand is my in laws caused loads of upset demanding that they came to hospital as soon as lo was born . And now it seems they can't be bothered. grr at the inlaws!!!!! :x


  • I think I remember reading your story about them demading to see lo when you wanted time alone with oh. They must still be in a flap! What can you do eh?! Just explain to oh that he's no need to feel bad about them, if they want to act like babies, let them! Hope it's sorted out and they see how silly they are being! xox
  • Oh, poo. Are you sure they're not just trying to give you the space they think you want?
  • aww poor him. I know how he feels. When I had Theo my mum didnt even come in to see me in hospital and then I had to go and see her (should have been the other way around if you ask me) on the day I came home which was the thursday and then she didnt contact me until I texted HER the following friday when he was 10 days old and even then, she just didnt care.
  • Hi
    Know how your feeling...my "outlaws" are kinda the same! Go on & on about what wonderful parents & grandparents they are, but in reality they've only seen Dylan about 6 times since he was born in June last year!
    It kinda suits me to be honest as i don't really like them & my DH knows (& readily admits) his parents are crap!!!
    That said, if one set of grandparents is very hands on & enthusiastic etc, it really highlights just how pants the others are!
    Sorry thats not much help, but just wanted to say your not on your own!
    Sarah xx
  • i wish it was a case of them giving us space- but its not. They always said they dont like boys (they have 2 granddaughters who they see every day and always have done and spoil rotten)

    Tbh if i never saw them again it would be too soon. Since having lo i've realised they are just nasty people. My FIL is a bully and my MIL is a cry baby. They always do the opposite of what we say...if we said something was white, my fil would argue it was black

    God knows how the in laws produced such a wonderful, thoughtful son!!

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