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this weeks poll ......

is what do u do while ure baby sleeps ? ............i obviously ticked do the housework :lol::lol::lol:
what about u ? imageimage


  • Go online! :lol:

    [Modified by: Loopy Loo on March 05, 2009 03:18 PM]

  • :lol: @ katie ..leaving getting dressed till nearly last ...and so good like me doin housework before facebook and be !! :lol: xxxx
  • go on line and the house work if phoebe is at pre school, if she is home the play with her and then maybe sneak off to go onthe computer. xx
  • i get up early and have the house work done before the kids are up so nap time's i work out and make dinner, and when they are all in bed i work out some more and have a shower
  • :lol: katie me too ...i get up ,bring the kids down ...check fb and be ...make kids brekkie and get them and me dressed (well sophia has milk no weetabix yet :lol: ) check be and fb again ...go out ...come back do lunch check fb and be .... tidy up a bit (my house does get neglected cos of the damn computer image ) play with jack doing jigsaws or something or go to the park if its nice ...come back check be and fb then do tea and excersize ......check be and fb ..go to bed (i obviously feed and change sophia and jack between all that :lol: ) xxxxxx
  • Work, housework, go online (work also involves going online so thats my excuse but I have been known to get sidetracked on BE & FB!!!! lol) The only thing that doesnt feature on my list seems to be rest!!!! xx
  • Katie you forgot Farm Town :lol: x
  • While she's asleep i get my online time in because i can do housework pretty easy while she's awake by putting her in jumperoo or walker but trying to enjoy farn town on facebook or BE while she's awake is not fun. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • He only naps for 30mins at a time these days unless we're out and about so I definitely use time for BE and online stuff.
    Housework gets done when hubby gets home and he looks after lo. S x
  • Lol i think we are all about the same,i go online or just recently ive been doing a excerise dvd!tidy up but actually i usually do this whilst Ben is awake as he "helps"lol
  • for me it's making wedding invitations (why on earth did I decide to do that??!!) as we're getting married in August - I've got to make about 80 and they're taking ages!! other than that it's housework although no-one would think it looking at the state of our house lol!

    Em x
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