Budge up girlies

You had better practice making some room for me because I plan to be joining you as soon as image

Just thought I would check in and see how you were getting on. So whats new? Anyone got twins going on? Feel like I am missing all the fun!

When are you due slippers and mog and the others who have deserted me in ttc after mc. Want to know how long I have left to join you before you desert me again for baby!


  • Always room for my stripey footed friend! Can't wait to see you in here and posting that huge BFP post all over BE, make sure you slip into Mog's sexy socks and sharpish!

    All being well (touching wood all over the place!) I am due at the end of Aug. I tend to hang out in Aug mainly cos I still feel a fraud posting on pregnancy! So there is ages and ages for you to get yourself in here girl! xx
  • Awww, really thought you had got bfp when I saw the title. Hope it happens v soon hun.

    I'm 13+2! After mc last June I am so relieved to have got this far. I had such problems oving after mc that I never even went into ttc after mc as couldn't really ttc anyway as there's no chance of bfp without an eggy being released. Luckily I got put on Clomid which sorted me out straight away! Whoohoo!
    I'm due Sept so will be around for another 6 months!

    Good luck hun. Hope to see your bfp post in here v v soon.
  • i too thought you had your bfp when i saw the title! i've been thinking about you recently wondering how you are getting on. i hope you get your sticky bfp soon.

    i'm 27+1 now and still very nervous but am slowly starting to buy things for our little boy.

    good luck and lots of babydust and pma to you xxxx
  • Ha! Girls bfp I wish! Watch this space, just feel like I don't know anyone in ttc after mc anymore there are so many new faces so thought I would check in on the old crowd!

    Karen I saw the socks lol they did make me laugh. We have been bd'ing so don't worry although my husband says I don't feel like me anymore ha! What was the shock then? Did you find out the sex?

    Mrse a boy you must be thrilled congratulations! So are you going to be painting everything blue then? Your scan pics are all so clear!

    BabyB how long did you wait before asking for clomid I have been debaiting making an appointment but I think they will send us away.

    Slippers don't worry I will be trying out Mog's sexy socks! If it works I will change my avatar! You may say ages but it is actually only 5 months! Gosh 5 months and you will be cuddling your little bundle.

    So what are you thinking names wise?
  • Mog?? Are you?? Could you possibly?? Is it really happening?? Are you having a girl?? Wow! if you are imagine the line of protective big brothers any prospective boyfriend has got to get past!!
  • I knew I was going to have ov issues before we even started ttc as I had shockingly irregular cycles before going on the pill, and also my identical twin had problems conceiving.

    So I went to gp before we even started ttc, they did tests - all normal.
    Then came off pill, ov'd cd 35 - BFP! SO shocked. MC at 9 weeks.
    Ov'd cd 44 after mc. BFN. Then nothing for about 5 months. During that time I had a few gynae appts, lots more tests and an ovary scan, LOTS of tears and battles and finally saw a good consultant who could see where I was coming from (after I totally broke down in his office) It was v hard to get to be honest. You have to really stick up for yourself and fight. I kept being told my bloods/ovaries were 'normal' and as they couldn't explain why I wasn't oving they wouldn't do anything about it. It was only after I went in armed with my temp charts etc and sobbed my heart out because I should have been like 8 months pg and wasn't even oving so didn't stand a chance of a BFP that they did something.

    Although saying that I have heard of people being given it really really easily so you never know.
    Do you think you're not oving then as that's the only reason clomid would benefit you.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to ask any other questions.
  • Ah wow! How exciting!!! A girl!! It's gonna be a whole new world of shopping! Huge congrats flower! xx
  • Aw how exciting Mog although I feel sorry for her already! That said my friend has older brothers and she loved it because she got to go out with his "hot mates" ha!

    BabyB wow sounds like you have something of a miracle bean inside you! It is nice to see a good news story! I am not sure if I am or not to be honest. I think I am because I get ov pains but I don't temp chart or poas or anything like that. I only mentioned it because a friend of mine who has pcos mentioned it. Think I will leave it a bit longer then if still nothing chart and poas at least that way I will have some evidence if I do decide to take it further xxx I must have ov'd at least once to have suffered an mc!
  • Hey socks - I am still loving those socks!

    Yes pls come over and join us soon!


    Kittyboo 18+3
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