hey just found the coolest website fantastic for edgy baby wear ...check it outimage


  • and you didnt sign up to this site to plug your website in any way did you....?

    I think your prices are rediculous! I dont care if its D&G I would NEVER pay ??42 for a vest!

    [Modified by: brandollarz on March 06, 2009 08:37 AM]

  • Couldn't agree more brandollarz!!!!
  • 42 quid for a vest wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Those bloody prices are HORRENDOUS!
  • Hate hate hate these types of posts,go away!stupid prices and we have better things to spend are money on
  • go away!i dont think anyone on here would spend that much on clothes for lo....anyone know if primark have a website....???!!!image
  • Primark all the way ladies! xox
  • I hate those chavvy D&G tops, seeing babies with logos all over them turns my stomach - they are too young to be turned into status symbols!

    [Modified by: Lottie+Neve+Oct Baby on March 06, 2009 07:47 PM]

  • You know what, I think it's disgusting paying that amount for something that won't fit in a few weeks! When there are starving people in this world, even if I was a millionaire I was NEVER buy those things! xox
  • Ridiculous prices!! We're mummys not millionaires!

  • and even if I WAS a millionaire I still wouldn't spend that amount of money on a chavy tacky outfit.
  • i disagree with these advertising posts, please go away...

    but on the subject of prices of clothes i have to disagree with you girls, im sorry but its upto the individual how much they want to pay for outfits.

  • I agree kell2

    I as an individual would never, ever in a million years pay ??42 for a vest thats gonna last a couple of months! Plus you put clothes on top of their vests so your not gonna see em anyway!!

    I have paid alot for a Next or Timberland outfit but thats a 3 piece set that they will get alot of wear out of or pass down Isaac / Tyler so my boys clothes get alot of wear.
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