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play ideas ?

now Tyler is 8 months and on the move and very much into everything. i want to play some 'games' with him. Anyone know any good developmental/stimulating games we could play?

Elaine & boys ;\) xx


  • My wee man is 14 months and I love playing all sorts of games with him- its so much fun when they interact with you.

    I would put Reuben on my knee and sing 'row,row,row your boat' and push him back and forwards, after a while he did the rowing himself!! we also have one where I bounce him up and down and sing a song called 'gee up neddy'! (my dh laughs at me for remembering these songs!!)

    Reuben also enjoys playing peekaboo. Books are good too I got a few with animals in and used these to teach him the noises. If your baby is ticklish a good tickling session is great fun too.
  • Ooh me and Harry love finding something like a bucket (his favourite is a metal vase at the mo~) and throwing stuff into it, banging on it, etc. Lots of noise makes the world go round! Also Peekaboo is a GODSEND and also just putting a really good cd on and dancing round the living room. And singing! Sing "if you're happy and you know it" HArry will clap his hands along now. Its only taken since he was 8months to work it out lol.

  • we tried painting, we stripped alex off to his nappy sat him on a big sheet of paper with a few splats of paint, he rolled around in it, made a lovely picture just in time for grannys birthday. he is eight months old, someone suggested this at nursery. very messy but fun:lol:

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  • I play with Dylan with his toys, also sing & dance with him (he's only 8mths so its really me doing it)!! He loves anyone reading him a book - especially touchy-feely ones with bright colours.
    Peekaboo is also one of our daily rituals!
    Sally322 - where do you get the paint from? My hv invited us to a playgroup (haven't been yet though) & said they do painting there, but would love to have a go at home too!
    Sarah xx
  • i do row the boat millie loves it (6 months) she also loves me putting her upside down haha. she loves mirrors the most ( not a game but will stare into them and kiss herself for ages hehe) i also make noises and she copies and then i copy her she finds this amusing! x
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