Hi girls

What Exercise have you all been doing? I tried to find somewhere to swim but all the places around near me are members only and I am not paying monthly just to use the pool. I am trying to look up Yoga classes but the closes one i found was half an hour drive from me.

I might get a Yoga dvd and try and do some at home but I can feel myself getting so un fit already!! Any idea's

K xx


  • Yeah swimming is what I really want to do but have no where near where i live that i can just pay to use the pool.

    I might have a look around where i work to see if the gyms here will let me just pay to use the pool.

    K xxx
  • Hun, have you looked at blackshots? Its in grays which is really close to you and they do water aerobics and you can pay just to swim. If you do the water aerobics u need to let the instructor know you're pregnant, as i think there are one or two tummy exercises you cant do. Its really nice for when you've got bub too, they have a lovely baby pool, we take ours once a week and they love it!
  • Oh really woicked i will go and look that up now thanks honey

    K xx
  • You're very welcome! xx
  • I walk to work and back so thats 40 mins x 5 days a week which is enough for me! it must be working though as I havent put weight on anywhere apart from my bump.



  • Oh really I walk a bit now from Fenchurch street to work which is only 15 mins and I get out of breath!! I have hardly put on any weight but I can feel myself getting really really unfit.

    K xx
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