Body suits for babies what else to they wear?

I know it may sound daft but I am a bit confused, i'm fine with sleepsuits thats obvious, however you do you put a vest on them as well?

The main question is about body suits, what else do they where with these? Any advise would be good as this is my first baby and I have not ever been around people that much with babies only for a cuddle etc.




  • obviously it depends on the time of the year as to how many layers a baby is wearing but generally a body suit/vest underneath a babygrow/outfit.

    Think a general guide is that a baby should be wearing one more layer than you are.
    HTH Lauren
  • Thanks Lauren baby is due end of August early september, ok so a vest or bodysuit will be fine then if I put baby in an outfit, if I use sleepsuits for a bit would a vest be better than a bodysuit, what do you think?

  • You should put a vest on under a sleepsuit - unless its really really hot. A baby should have on one more layer than you so if you have on a t shirt they should have t shirt and vest.

    By body suit do you mean a vest??? You can put whatever you want on a baby. Most people just put them in sleepsuits for the first few weeks. My little girl is 20 weeks and she wears sleepsuit and vest for bed. During the day she usually wears vest, trousers, t shirt and socks or vest, tights, t shirt and dress.
  • not really sure what the difference is tbh!have always called the short sleeve ones which do up under bottom vests, or body suits!lol. yeah nappy then vest/body suit then baby gro or trousers t shirt etc, then coat or pram suit.

    Hope everything is going well with your pregnancy, mad to think my LO will almost be one when you have yours!!!oh dear they grow up so fast lol!!!
  • Thanks for all your advise, it has been a help, yes Lauren pregnancy is going ok at mo after having 2 slight brown bleeds at 7 and 12 weeks, had scan and all is fine, looking forward to scan on 20th April I will be 21 weeks, hoping to find out sex of baby as it is 6 days before our first wedding anniversary.
    My time does fly by babies grow up so fast.


  • When Evie wears bodsuits i put cardis on her, my aunt and her great nana knitted some lovely ones so she looks so cute in them xxx
  • Ah harry's always worn a vest under everything besides his jammies when it got too hot last summer. Then he was just in Pjs and a nappy.

    I figure than if you always start with a vest, you can go from there on deciding how much to put on them. Its easier to have layers on them rather than something bulky. (even if it does start to be a pain in the ass to try and get it on them! )

    Good luck with the impending arrival! Congratulations! x
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