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Can anyone recommend some nice black trousers for work. I am only 14 weeks so not at all big yet but all my normal trousers are too tight! I don't know where to start really. Apparently Next do one syou can adjust. Should I just get these or does anyone else have any recommendations?

Thanks x


  • To behonest I've found there wasn't a great deal of maternity clothes out there when I was expecting my first two but towards my last pregnancy New Look brought out a great range on maternity cloths that were a bit more flattering than what some places offer.
  • Hi I got mine from Dorothy Perkins they got an ok selction. They're black skinny jeans with adjustable sides and really comfy they're the only trousers I wear for work.
    If you're looking for something smarter than skinny jeans then I'm sure they have lots of other styles too.

  • Hi, i also got mine from dorothy perkins, they are so comfy and just look like normal black trousers xx
  • For when you get a lot bigger M&S online do some fab stretchy ones that look fine for work. I have worn mine from about 30 weeks after growing out of my previous two pairs! They were only ??15. Bargain.
  • next do some really nice black slightly flary, jersey material ones that have a huge waistband that you can roll down to cover your bum early on, or pull up over your bump later on.
    All the girls at work wear them when they're pregnant and they're really flattering (I got my sis to buy some when she was pregnant and she liked that you could roll the waistband down to cover any cottage cheese cellulite on your bum!!!)
    I think they're only ??18 and i can't wait to start wearing them (probably next week actually... I could do with a bit of 'give' in my trousers!)
  • i got mine from the littlewoods catalouge... the had adjustable waist... but im 28weeks and they are still too big,lol maybe should have went for the size smaller...i just thought id be bigger by now!
  • I've got the adjustable ones from next and they are nice but about ??35 so not cheap. I also have a pair from new look which were ??20 not quite as nice but good value. I'm lucky work pay for mine!

    I'm nearly 18 weeks and they have just started to fit better, even though they are adjustable they tend to fall down abit at first!

    C x
  • hi,

    I had the ones from Next with the adjustable waist and wore them from about 15 weeks right up til the end of my pregnancy. Were great for work and so comfy. They do a few different styles, mine were so nice you wouldn't have guessed that they were maternity when I stared wearing them early on. Definitely one of my better buys.
  • I haven't been able to find any smart trousers for work that are long enough, so since 21 weeks I've been wearing jeans image

    Not the most professional look but I only have 5 weeks left at work now so hey ho.

    I would be interested to know of anywhere that sells maternity trousers in a 34/36 inch leg though for next time!

    Bec 30+6 x
  • I've not had much luck with Dorothy Perkins at all. I got the best ever trousers from Peacocks believe it or not! they are the most comfortable trousers ever and you can still wear them after by rolling down the tummy band! and they were only a tenner!!! Live in them! Other than that I got another pair in New Look! I found so much maternity out there!
  • I think you need to first decide what style you find comfortable i.e under/over bump. I bought a pair of trousers at about 11wks from jojo mamen bebe and they have lasted all the way through. I'm now 34+5. Found that the under bump ones from new look streched and fall down even now!
  • Ive found New Look are better than DP's. I buy new look maternity in size8 and they fit great, but DP's in the same time fall down all the time. I know New Look have decent work trousers.
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