Income Tax and SMP


Does anyone know how income tax etc work with smp? Also if anyone has a company car particularly a fully expensed one how much tax did you or will you pay? Just a bit confused about this whole tax thing, don't want to wipe out what little pay I'm going to get in tax!!!

Any help would be great




  • It is hard to explain how it all works as there is a lot to take into account (yearly allowance, upper earnings limit etc)- these calculatora may help though:

    The bottom one is NI as we have to pay that too!

    Have you tried asking your payroll department as they gave me an estimation of what I could expect to bring home each month

    Tara 33+0

  • I've just phoned my tax office and got no where aarrgghh......

    For a start the guy said I hadn't answered the security questions correctly????? but wouldn't tell me which one, apparently I need to ask work to change or up date them! I've only been there 5 years and never had a problem before!

    Then he said I needed to write in with my details and get work to also notify them I was going on maternity leave..but couldn't promise my tax would be sorted for when I go on leave.

    How annoying so none the wiser to working out my pay when I'm off..

    sorry for rant..
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