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can work cut my hours???????? x

Hi, wondering if anyone knows anything about your employment rights when pregnant?

I works as receptionist at a vets, the current branch that i work in is small and often i am there on my own. Therefore work and myself have decided that it makes sense that while being pregnant i am transferred to the main branch where i will not have to work alone, do manual handling etc

They are planning to move me soon, and at my present branch i work 40 hours a week... i need to stay on 40 hours a week but have a feeling that when they transfer me they are going to say that there are only part time hours available at the main branch and cut back my hours.

Can they legally do this? seeing as i am moving branches due to being pregnant, any altering of my hours due to the move would be seen a discriminatiing against a pregant woman?

does anyone know? really worried they will cut my hours and there will be nothing i can do about it :cry:



  • i am pretty sure that they cannot cut your hours unless they sustain your pay.

    You can cut your own BUT if the company you work for decides that you need your hours cut or you cannot work at all then they have to pay you still.

    Check with cab x
  • I agree with summer76, they can't do that, try the directgov website to check your rights. x
  • Hi hun, they will have decided to move you due to risk assessment, they can move you but everything else needs to stay the same,
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