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Hi, Im a bit stunned by the cheek of some people. I spent hours and hours washing, ironing, photographing, uploading and describing lots of my sons clothes and shoes that he has outgrown and putting them on ebay. They are all due to end in a couple of hours and i have had SEVEN emails today that go as such....
Im a single mum can i have free postage??? Im on disability can i have free postage??? If i bid one and another doesnt sell can i have that one free??? If this item doesnt sell can i have it for a POUND?!?
I wouldnt normally mind but the most im charging for postage is ??.3.00 and thats for a 25 pc bundle and its only on 2.50 so far for gods sake haha i will probably never sell anything on ebay again!!!! :roll:


  • och thats shocking id of been tempted to say so what give me my money!!
  • Yeah I've had similarexperiences and don't trust any of the p*** takers on ebay. I changed the wording on my sales blurb now and although it sounds a bit rude I don't care! If people don't wanna pay the price/p&p then don't bid,simple as that!!

    Hi Arty gal, remember you from pregnancy forum......you had xl baby and we used to chat as I'm proneto big babies. Had my third (and final!) baby on 1st Feb - Molly Grace weighing 11lb 2oz......not as big as your LO but she was a bit early! Hope all's well and happy ebaying! x
  • I'd reply to their emails saying that you're a single mum too, and you're selling stuff on ebay to try and get a bit of cash, so you can't afford to give them free P&P. I can't believe the cheek of some people!
  • hiya..i sell tonnes of stuff off ebay but aint had anyone as rude as what you all seem to....most poeple are good i did have one person say "i really want the item but my dad has died" how true it was who knows but i ended up relisting the item. if anyone asked me for free p&p coz they were on disibility or whtever the reason for that matter id email them back saying they get enough free from tax payers money! some people eh!
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